The Big All-Day Talent Breakfast


As part of their ongoing commitment to Level 3 coaches, sports coach UK is hosting a free professional development event for coaches working with Britain’s next generation of talented athletes called the ‘Big All-Day Talent Breakfast’ on Wednesday 1st August (10.30-17.30).

To ensure the maximum reach for this event, as well as having invited coaches in attendance, sports coach UK will be live streaming this event on the internet from 11.00-17.30.

Who is it for?
The event is for Level-3 coaches (or those working towards level-3) coaching at regional and county level.

What is the Big All-Day Talent Breakfast?
An extension of the already massively popular ‘Talent Breakfast Club’ programme that is sweeping the nation, this unique session brings together a group of internationally respected coaches and coach development experts to share their experiences developing talented sports people.

Coaching experts will discuss best practice and provide insights on:
• Adapting your coaching to bring the best out of your athletes
• Supporting athletes through challenges and effective communication
• The value of early intervention in the development of physical abilities in aspiring athletes
• The ‘C system’ of coaching

Speakers are:
• Former England Rugby Union Defensive Coach Mike Ford
• Mark Bennett MBE of Performance Development Systems
• Ex professional basketball player and owner of Jamie Edwards
• Leading international coach Kelvin Giles
• Renowned innovator in youth coaching Dave Haskins

How can coaches get involved?
The whole event is being live streamed and can be accessed for free. Just click here to register

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