Course Launch: Level 2 Cycle Speedway

Course Launch: Level 2 Cycle Speedway

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Course Launch: Level 2 Cycle Speedway Coaching Award

Posted: 12th July

British Cycling's Coaching and Education Department is proud to announce the launch of the Level 2 Cycle Speedway Coaching Award, with the first course ready to run later this year.

Its introduction - in Manchester on the 10th and 11th December - signals the latest major development in a recent period of significant changes for Cycle Speedway as 2010 saw the opening of a new elite academy, the successful launch of a women's league and the staging of a first ever Cycle Speedway Coaching Conference.

The new qualification brings the sport in line with the other cycle disciplines and establishes a structured pathway for coaches and riders alike. It has been developed not only with input from several well-known names in the sport including Martin Gamble, Ian Grange, Mike Hack and former multiple national champion Lee Aris, who is confident up take for the qualification will be high.

"I think it will be successful, I really do," Lee told British Cycling. "I'm sure individuals and clubs will want to take part and it can only be good for the sport to focus on having designated people.

"Luckily Cycle Speedway is small enough where we all know each other and give each other the time of day to see what is working well for and what can be used elsewhere.

"If there is a method for success then we will definitely share it around and take it on board and I think that is where working with Ian Grange, Mike Hack and Martin Gamble we managed to work together and produce a good Level 2 Cycle Speedway course.

"How we worded it was definitely important and I played my part to make sure we get the right messages across."

Former multiple national champion Lee Aris is confident the new course will be popular

Slotting into the established UKCC coaching framework, the Level 2 Cycle Speedway Coaching Award is the latest discipline-specific course to be developed and it will enable qualified coaches to confidently improve a group of riders through well structured, informed and coherent sessions.

The development of the course has been a key priority for British Cycling for some time as the organisation looks to strengthen its coaching pathway, which clearly outlines the steps to take in order to achieve a required standard of coaching.

Qualifying from a Level 2 Discipline Specific Award such as this will enable the coach to plan, deliver and evaluate a series of progressive sessions to a group of riders. The Award also introduces Cycle Speedway specific techniques and environments and will provide the knowledge and expertise to progress riders from their first session to their first race.

British Cycling's Coaching and Education Manager Andrew Gillott believes the course signifies an important step for Cycle Speedway.

"We are delighted to announce that a date has been set for the first ever Level 2 Cycle Speedway Coaching course.

"The close-knit Cycle Speedway community has worked very hard to promote the values of the discipline and we have been very pleased with the input and expertise provided throughout the development.

"The introduction of the qualification is a very welcome addition to our coaching pathway and brings us one step closer to seeing a full range of disciplines available at Level 2, while further projects are close to completion at Level 3.

"It is an exciting time for the department and I would just like to thank everyone involved for their contribution and I look forward to seeing the positive impact qualified coaches can have on the sport of Cycle Speedway."

To be eligible to book onto the Level 2 Cycle Speedway Coaching Award candidates need at least a Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Cycling qualification.

However candidates who hold either the older Club Coach or Activity Coach Qualifications (offered prior to the introduction of the Level 2 CCC) are also eligible to attend.

Currently, the dates announced are:
10th and 11th December - Astley & Tyldesley Cycle Speedway Club, Manchester

Click here for an overview of the course complete with downloadable information / application packs.

For any enquires or to express interest in additional course dates please email