Volunteers: In Focus - June 2023

Volunteers: In Focus - June 2023


06 July 2023

Volunteers make sport happen, without them, cycling activities simply wouldn't happen on the scale they do. With a look back to last month, we wanted to continue to highlight the wonderful efforts volunteers have gone to in their local areas.

Leading group bike rides, coaching, officiating, secretarial duties, organising events, the list goes on and on in terms of what people do to support people taking part. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who plays their part, and in particular, to say well done to those nominated for June's Volunteers: In Focus.

Name: Bedgebury Forest Cycle Club Committee & MTB Race Event Team

Region: Southeast

Role: Club Officials, Event Organisers and Race Officials

The volunteer team at Bedgebury have worked tirelessly to rebuild relations with the Forestry England team post-Covid to enable a repair of the racetrack for competitive events to go ahead. The collaborative approach of the club committee and its event organising team have now resurrected the racetrack and registered a series of MTB X-Country races and recently successfully delivered the 1st MTB XC event there since Covid, and as expected, was a hugely popular day for the riders.

Special thanks go to Malky, Gary, Tim B, Michael, Justin, Alice and all the event day volunteers who made this a triumphant return! There were many new racers trying out MTB X-country and if you are keen to have a go, do please come along to rounds 3 and 4! Details are below.

Bedgebury Forest Cycle Club

Have a go - 15th July

Have a go - 12th August

British Cycling Values: Integrity, Passion, Unity

Name: Alan Denman and Jamie Parkinson

Region: Southeast          

Role: Event Organisers

Alan and Jamie were the organisers of the Men and Women's Regional Championship in the Southeast region on 11th June at Handcross Circuit. Alan planned and organised the Men's Regional Championship race in the morning of 11th June on circuit, while Jamie planed and organised the Tri-Region Women's race for the afternoon on the same circuit. These were two separate events being run by two different organising teams.

The collaboration between Alan and Jamie hugely contributed to the success of both events. Alan, with his expertise, guided Jamie through the process of setting the event up, what was required and best practice for managing the risk and the event itself. Jamie, a first-time organiser, and his club GS Mossa, stepped into the space to run the Tri-Regional Women's event.

As with many events, finding volunteers can sometimes prove challenging. The teamwork and sharing of resources between Alan and Jamie had a major impact on both events going ahead. In particular in terms of providing enough Accredited Marshals, wider event volunteers, through to providing a packed lunch for everyone. The pair shared some of the costs to make both events financially viable to run.

It cannot be underestimated the impact Alan and Jamie's efforts had in ensuring that two very successful races in the region took part in a safe environment for all concerned. Thanks, and well done to both! It is also worth mentioning GS Mossa CC. This is a relatively new club with a small membership. They have promoted and actively engaged in the Accredited Marshal Scheme, with 14 of their members being trained this year to support road racing events.

Become an event organiser

GS Mossa Cycle Club

British Cycling Values: Unity, Passion

Name: Mike Tibbits, Tracy Moseley, Jess Rhodes-Jones and the team at Malvern Cycle Sport

Region: West Midlands

Role: Go-Ride Race Series organisers and marshals

Malvern Cycle Sport have delivered a series of Go-Ride Racing Events, providing grassroots racing for off-road riders in the region. A community organised, grass roots racing event, open to all riders but perfect for those new to competitive off-road cycling. 

They have also provided Junior Race Skills aimed at younger riders who can already ride a bike but are looking to develop their off-road skills maybe ready for future racing. The atmosphere at these events has been fantastic, with pro riders such as Tracy Moseley, Hattie Harnden and Simon Wyllie being there giving the younger riders role models they can aspire to ride like.

Here are some of the social media comments about one of the rounds:

 "I had no legs for it last night, I probably would have given up after the 5th lap if it wasn't for the encouragement from every single marshal and the spectators on the course. Top event!! Thanks to everyone involved in organising this gem!"

"Thanks Malvern Cycle Sport, everyone had a great time, I really enjoyed it."

Malvern Cycle Sport

British Cycling Values: Passion, Innovation

Name: Steph Hiscott

Region: Yorkshire

Role: Breeze Champion, Selby Cycle Club Volunteer, Guided Ride Leader

Yorkshire based Breeze Champion Steph was the instigator behind a Cycle into Spring initiative, a collaboration between Selby Cycling Club and Brayton Breeze. The aim was to encourage women who had been participating in Breeze rides over the last 12 months to get a flavour for club riding. Three taster sessions were led by qualified Ride Leaders in the club, offering the opportunity of taking part in club rides at a reduced pace and distance.

Ten of the participants were either Breeze riders or new to the club. Nine of the riders taking part were women, at least six have expressed an interest in joining, with four having already done so!

Here is just some of the feedback received from delighted participants:

“A really big thank you for making me feel so welcome on my first ride out with Selby Cycling Club.  You were so kind making sure we were all safe and you gave us so much encouragement…absolutely buzzing!”

“Thank you for your support and encouragement – super pleased with myself now for doing it.”

And here’s what a club ride leader had to say about the initiative:

“The skill level, road sense and general ability of the Breeze riders was great.”

Les Sellars Club Chair told us:

“Selby Cycling Club fully supports Steph's initiative and the fantastic job she's done in promoting cycling in our local area.”

The initiative was such a success that plans are in place to replicate this in future. Well done to Steph for getting this off the ground and the whole of Selby Cycling Club for getting behind the collaboration. What a way to generate interest in new members for the club and to celebrate all that Breeze can do to help more women cycle!

Selby Cycling Club

Breeze programme

British Cycling Values: Passion, Innovation