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If you would like the chance to become a Welsh Cycling Young Ambassador and be a part of such an exciting programme, then complete the APPLICATION FORM here



If you need any help with the application process, please contact: bethan.nesham@welshcycling.co.uk

Welsh Cycling believe young people are a vital part of the participation pathway and would love to get more young people involved through the Welsh Cycling Young Ambassador Programme

Welsh Cycling aims to expand their volunteer workforce. They believe young people are a vital part of the participation pathway and can be widely influential to the workforce and decisions being made. Welsh Cycling would love to get more young people involved, so we have decided to develop and implement our very own Welsh Cycling Young Ambassadors, offering young people the opportunity to be a part of Welsh Cycling & help implement our Vision.

Aims of the Programme:

  • To develop a sustainable volunteer workforce across Welsh Cycling.

  • To offer a young person’s perspective and opinion on cycling in Wales.
  • To be a recognised role model for Welsh Cycling.

  • To increase cycling participation opportunities


Individuals need to be passionate about cycling and enjoy being a part of cycling events and training. Individuals need to show good leadership, organisational skills, while being able to work as part of a team. 

Age Range: Individuals need to be in secondary school (Aged: 11-21). 

Role Description:

All individuals will be encouraged to be involved in the following generic roles at levels appropriate to their age:

  • Leading and empowering their peers to get involved in volunteering.
  • Encouraging participation across cycling in Wales.
  • Supporting and helping out at events and training.
  • Advocating the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle.
  • Completing courses and training programmes to help the individual develop their skill set.
  • To be involved and engaged in Welsh Cycling events- Local, National & International.
  • To develop a sustainable communication pathway between the Welsh Cycling Youth volunteers.
  • To take on the role of a young person’s voice across cycling in Wales.
  • To communicate a young person’s perspective to the Club Volunteer Coordinators & the Welsh Cycling Volunteer Coordinator.

The Welsh Cycling Youth Volunteers will receive the appropriate resources and training necessary to undertake these roles and will be fully supported by the Welsh Cycling Volunteer Coordinator.

Young Ambassadors will be offered a range of internal and external opportunities. These will include assisting at Welsh Cycling Events, assisting with conferences and workshop delivery and engaging with National opportunities sent over by British Cycling and Sport Wales.

YA’s will be invited to attend as many recognition events as possible, including the YA National Conference, the Welsh Cycling Awards Evening and many other fantastic experiences for a young person, as a reward for all their hard work and efforts. 

Meet the Team

2018/19 Welsh Cycling Young Ambassadors

Aled | Gower Riders

I’m Aled and I’m a passionate WCYA. I get involved in as many volunteer opportunities as I can. Since I was diagnosed with asthma, I was unable to ride as well as I used to in the past. Therefore, I became a WCYA so I can still be involved in cycling. I love my role.

My year as a WCYA has been full of great opportunities such learning new skills, making new friends and having fun. I've helped with media duties at Welsh Cycling events, as well as helping to plan and organise Gower Riders club events, such as our annual awards night. I've also helped our coaches at our Go Ride sessions. However, the highlight was riding as part of the peloton at Geraint Thomas' homecoming parade, an unforgettable experience.

If you are enthusiastic and passionate about cycling, then I would thoroughly recommend applying to become a WCYA.

**Winner of Inspiring Young Person of the Year 2019**

Written by Aled

Anwen | Cardiff JIF

I have been a Welsh Cycling Young Ambassador since the programme launched in September 2018. The WCYA programme allows me and my friends to help out at cycling events and develop different skills.

I love cycling, especially Mountain Biking and want to be able to help develop cycling opportunities for others so they can have as much fun as I do. I would love everyone to enjoy being on their bike as much as I love being on mine.

‘I have made some really good friends through being a Welsh Cycling YA.’

I attended the 2018 & 2019 National Young Ambassador Conference in the Cardiff City Stadium. This was an amazing experience and allowed me to meet all the other Young Ambassadors from across Wales. The conference was inspiring and me and Efa had a really fun day. We also did a Welsh Cycling Instagram take over which meant we could show everyone else what a great day we had.

My inspiration is my brother, he was an amazing cyclist and he is the reason I began cycling. One day I want to be top three in Britain, just like him.

Written by Anwen


Ben | Gower Riders

My name is Ben Fox. I am 15 years old. I ride for Gower Riders. I rode up the Mont Ventoux in July 2019. I am a second year Welsh Cycling Young Ambassador. I was shortlisted for the 2019 Welsh Cycling Awards, ‘Inspiring young person of the year award.’ My favourite event is road, time trial and track. I rode with Geraint Thomas last year, which was amazing! I did a charity ride from Birmingham to Swansea and raised £2000 fir Bobath Children’s Centre.

Written by Ben

Elen | Gower Riders

Hello, my name is Elen Govier, I cycle for Gower Riders cycling club. I am 12 years old and I have been cycling since I was five, so in total I have been riding for seven years. I am a second year WCYA. I love to do road and track cycling because it is fun and challenging. I have been shortlisted for the 2019 Welsh Cycling Awards. I am very happy and excited for this. As a WCYA I’ve had so many amazing experiences throughout the year, such as helping at big race events, supporting girls from disadvantaged areas at an UsGirls camp and being interviewed on BBC and ITV news!

WAW! Am flwyddyn anhygoel! Rwy wedi cael nifer o gyfleoedd cyffroes. Bues i’n seiclo gyda Geraint Thomas yng Nghaerdydd wrth i’r wlad ddathlu ei fuddigoliaeth or TdF. Fel WelshCyclingYAs rwy wedi cyfarfod fy arwyr, gobeithio fy mod wedi bod yn arwr hefyd. Mae bywyd fel WCYA yn cwl! Ewch amdani!

Written by Elen

James | Pontyclun Flyers & Whitchurch Cycling Club

My name is James Morgan and I ride for Pontyclun Flyers and Whitchurch Cycling Club. Primarily, I ride my bike on the road and I have ridden the Car Ten 100 at the age of thirteen. I have raised money for the Welsh charity ‘Wish upon a Star’ by riding from Tauntan to Miskin and Haverford West to Miskin. With Whitchurch Cycling Club I ride off road, it is a very friendly club with effective means of coaching.

Written by James


Perry | The Bulls

Hi, did not see you there! My name is Perry Jolly and I ride for the Bulls, Kona UK AND Hilx Eyewear. I also happen to be a Welsh Cycling YA, a coach and balance-ability leader. I love all aspects of cycling, racing enduro, downhill, cyclo-cross and Mountain Biking. I also spend a lot of time digging ‘Gravity’ trails and getting out of breath on the road bike.

I think everyone would enjoy being a WCYA because it gives you lots of fun opportunities, to do with cycling, like Geraint's homecoming and trying new things. It is also a great way to help other people by volunteering and having fun at the same time.

Written by Perry


Thomas | Whitchurch Cycling Club

Hi, I am Thomas. I am a WCYA. I go to Whitchurch Cycling Club and I am a fan of Team Ineos. My favourite discipline is mountain biking. I helped at the Insport series in Cardiff Met University. I started cycling after a big operation in 2015. I have loved riding ever since.

I think you should be a young ambassador because you can inspire other young people from your cycling club.  I also help the coaches train younger riders in the club. If you have the opporutnity I would recommend you apply to be a young ambassador. If you have the chance, I would take it.

Written by Thomas

Awaiting Profiles | Carys Jeffreys, Efa Williams, Fred Meredith, George Joyce, Keiron Heugerger, Max Bufton, Meg Jones, Noah Rees, Rhys Thomas 

2019/20 Welsh Cycling Young Ambassadors


Carwyn | The Bulls Cycling Club

My name is Carwyn Hardiman and I am a WCYA. I ride for the Bulls cycling club. I have raced in a few different disciplines, cyclo-cross, mountain biking, tracks and circuits. I also enjoy helping out with coaching and volunteering at local cycling event.

Written by Carwyn  



Hey! My name is David. I am a Welsh Cycling Young Ambassador. I am 12 and love to cycle with my siblings. I usually cycle down the Taff Trail and what makes me love cycling is when I feel the breeze blowing in my face.

Written by David


Eleri | Whitchurch Cycling Club

Hi, I’m Eleri and I ride for Whitchurch Cycling Club. I do mountain biking, cyclo-cross and road racing. My favourite discipline is mountain biking, as I love mud and going down big hills but not up them!  I have enjoyed being a WCYA so far. I got my first bike when I was five and started WCC when I was eight. I did my first race when I was nine.

Written by Eleri

Floyd | Cwmcarn Paragons

Hi, I am Floyd I ride for Cwmcarn Paragons and I’m a 2019 Welsh Cycling Young Ambassador. I do Hill climbing with my Dad, and even went to Spain to do the Sa Calobra. Recently ive been doing some mountain biking it’s fun but sometimes scary.

Written by Floyd


Gethin  | Clwb Beicio Dwyfor

Hi, my name is Gethin Evans and I am a WCYA for Welsh Cycling. I like road riding, track and mountain biking. I also like doing other sports such as football. My favourite discipline is mountain biking. I am a member of Clwb Beicio Dwyfor and Dreigiau in Coed Y Brenin. As a WCYA, I have volunteered in the Llanberis Go-Race, taking photos and overseeing social media.

Written by Gethin


Izzy  | Maindy Flyers 

Hi, my name is Izzy and I ride for Maindy Flyers. I am a 2019 Young Ambassador I learnt to ride a bike when I was young. I go training three times a week. I attended the Insport series in South Wales and the 14th September. We helped people with a disability ride a bike. My coaches are Alan, Nick and Richard. My inspiration is Elinor Barker because she works very hard and never gives up.

Written by Izzy


Jess | Maindy Flyers 

Hi, my name is Jess; I ride for Maindy Flyers and am a WCYA for 2019/2020. I started riding at the age of three. I rode for ‘RL 360 Isle of Man cycling team,’ and I have loved cycling ever since. I have ridden a track bike since the age of six and started riding a road bike one year ago and came fifth out of fifteen on my first road race. I train five times a week. My idol is my coach Alan Davies. My inspiration is Elinor Barker because she works so hard and never gives up. This year is my first year as an U14 so I’m going to be doing as much racing as possible.

Written by Jess

Kitty | Gower Riders

Hi, my name is Kitty. I am keen cyclist and have recently been selected as a WCYA. My favourite discipline is road is I live by some big hills and enjoy the rush of going down them. I began riding around the age of five. I came third overall in the cyclo-cross series. While riding I have had 2 messages from pro cyclists, Geraint Thomas & Rachel Atherton.

Written by Kitty

Layla | Marsh Tracks Racing Team

Hi, I am Layla and I ride/race for Marsh Tracks racing team. I ride road and cylo-cross and my favourite is mountain biking. I was Welsh Champion in under 12’s in the 2018 series. I started riding a bike when I was four or five and started racing when I was seven and came last. My first race was in Pembrey Park and I came 4th. I look up to female mountain bikers like Annie Last & Evie Richards. I ride with my Dad and my sister, I have made many friends through cycling and I would others to do the same!

Written by Layla

Mabli | Maindy Flyers

Hi, I am Mabli. I ride for Maindy Flyers. I am also a 2019 Welsh Cycling Young Ambassador. My favourite cycling discipline is road and track but I do cyclo-cross and a bit of Mountain biking. I have been cycling for Maindy for about five years. My inspirations are Elinor Barker and Geraint Thomas who both trained at Maindy when they were younger.

Written by Mabli

Macs | Abergavenny RC

Hi, my name is Macs Harrington. I am fifteen years old. I ride for Abergavenny RC and SWMT. I ride a lot of mountain biking, downhill and enduro. My aim is to win a state of the Jr Tour of Wales. My favourite place to ride is Bike Park Wales because I ride there often and know almost all the routes there.

Written by Macs

Niamh | Maindy Flyers 

Hi, I am Niamh. I ride for Maindy Flyers. I am also a 2019 WCYA. My favourite discipline is Road. I attended the Insport series event in South Wales on the 14th September. When we were there, we helped children with disabilities ride a bike. I enjoyed going because I was able to help kids who do not have a many opportunities to ride a bike. My inspiration is Elinor Barker and Geraint Thomas who both road for Maindy Flyers at my age.

Written by Niamh

Owen | Clwb Beicio Dwyfor

Hi. My name is Owen I cycle for Clwb Beicio Dwyfor. I am an all-round cyclist. I enjoy cycling very much. I like all sports, including cycling, running and rugby. Being a Young Ambassador means a lot to me as I have had an interest in cycling since I was three. I have gone to many competitions and I was lucky enough to cycle through Cardiff with Geraint Thomas.

Written by Owen

Sam | Whitchurch Cycling Club 

Hi, my name is Sam and I ride for Whitchurch Cycling Club. My favourite discipline is road and I have done three Sportive this year.

Written by Sam

Seren | Rhyll Cycling Club 

Hi, I am Seren and I’m 13. I ride bikes sometimes! I currently ride for Rhyll CC but moved to Cardiff at the start of September. I started biking when I was four at Maindy Flyers. I mainly do road, track and cyclo-cross but grab every opportunity to try something different. I am excited to be a Welsh Cycling Young Ambassador and hope to help others and make a difference in the cycling community.

Written by Seren

Shannon | West Wales Cycling Racing Team

Hi, I am Shannon. I ride for West Wales cycling racing team and I am a 2019 welsh cycling young ambassadors. I’m 16 years old and currently doing my A-levels, I am studying Maths, Sport, Health & Social and Biology. I’ve been riding since I was eight years old and I began competing in triathlon before I decided to commit to cycling in 2016. The disciplines I prefer are road and cyclo-cross, but after taking a break this year from cycling in order to finish my GCSE’s ive decided to take a different route in cycling. I am now looking to become a carer/ signer within a professional team.

Written by Shannon

Sophie | Whitchurch Cycling Club

Hi, I am Sophie. I ride for Whitchurch Cycling Club. Earlier this year I competed in the Monmouth sportive. I was the youngest person doing the forty-mile ride.

Written by Sophie

William | Maindy Flyers

My name is William, I cycle with Maindy Flyers and I am a 2019 WCYA. Me, my Mam and my Dad all like to go on bike rides down to Cardiff Bay and back to the house.

Written by William

Awaiting Profiles | Kory Fish, Imogen Morris, David Powell

Further Information

If you require any further information or have any questions please contact:

Welsh Cycling Volunteer Coordinator: Beth Nesham

Email: bethan.nesham@welshcycling.co.uk

Mobile: 07808524766

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