Christmas Riding Tips

Christmas Riding Tips

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Winter Riding Tips

Make sure everyone in your group has the following:

Glove up – a warm pair of gloves are essential for winter rides.
Layers – a base layer, midlayer and water/windproof outer shell will let you control you temperature on chilly days – take an extra layer just in case.
Remember to drink – just because it’s cold it doesn’t mean you won’t lose fluids – take plenty of water and drink often.
A thin hat/skull cap under the helmet will keep you from losing lots of heat from your head and keep you warm during stops.Keep the ride short and fun – always plan in a food stop somewhere warm midway.
Take special care to keep small children in childseats or trailers well wrapped up – they’re not pedalling so they’re not generating their own heat.
Use your brakes carefully in wet or icy conditions – especially the front brake. Smooth and gentle are the keywords.

Despite the often foul weather, family commitments, hangovers and bouts of overindulgence, the Christmas break can often be a good time to get out for a sneaky bike ride or two.

A Christmas ride can be the perfect antidote to the season’s excesses. Sometimes just an hour on the bike can be enough to restore the equilibrium, whether you choose to sneak out alone on that essential errand, or get the whole family off the sofa and onto the bikes. With this in mind, we've got a selection of ride ideas, winter riding tips and guidance on how to achieve escape velocity this holiday season.

10 Reasons to take a Christmas bike ride

GoSkyRide's guest blogger gives us ten great reasons to get cycling this Christmas, from hangover cures to avoiding the Queen's speech, Catherine from BEG Bicycles has got it all. Read more.

The Art of the Christmas Quickie

Sometimes it's hard to squeeze in a decent bike ride on a normal working week. If you've got a job and a family, just getting out on the bike for some QT can be tricky. Factor in the extra responsibilities of Christmas and all of a sudden your bike becomes a neglected bystander to the festive season. We show you how.

Inspiration - New Year Ride

There’s nothing better than a family bike ride around Christmas to blow away the cobwebs. Often, family members have new bikes that they’re itching to try out. Choose a traffic free trail with a good cafe stop, your bikes and some warm clothing – all the ingredients you need for a great, and different, festive day out. We tried it last year – my three sons and I jumped on the train with our bikes and headed to the Wirral Way, a 12 mile traffic free route through the Wirral Peninsula. Read more.

Hit the Trails for a festive mountain bike ride

Mountain bike trail centres are great fun at Christmas time. The forest setting is naturally festive and many have great cafes for a post ride piece of strudel and a hot chocolate. Always check with the centre before you travel – sometimes really bad weather can close trails. Rocky, well drained trail centres are what you're looking for at winter time

Top five winter trails : Coed y Brenin | Afan | Glentress | Dalby | Whinlatter

Winter Cycling Guide

And, for an overview of what the winter has to offer the cyclist, check out our guide to the season - as the temperatures drop and the nights draw in, many people hang up their wheels for the winter. However, if you do, you’ll miss out on a whole world of wonderful wintry riding, whether you race, commute or ride for fun and fitness. Read More