About the West Midlands region

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Contact: Andy Robson
07887 920 842
Email: andrewsimonrobson@gmail.com
Website: bc-regions.co.uk/westmidlands

Regional board

Regional chair: Richard Lodge
Regional treasurer: Neil Lawford
Regional competition administrator: Keith Evans
Regional secretary: Andy Robson
David Viner
Nick Selibas
John Crawford
Mike Jackson
Mike Adams
David Feiven
David Garrett
Alistair Howie
Stephanie Holmes
Simon Hill
Kathleen Philips
Mark Larigo
John Ireson

National councillors

Gordon Siers
Richard Lodge
Kathleen Philips
Mark Larigo
David Feiven
David Garrett
John Crawford

Regional staff

Regional events officers

Regional development managers

Recreation manager West Midlands North: Jackie Brennan 07834 518152 | jackiebrennan@britishcycling.org.uk