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About the South East region

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Regional Board

Regional Chair: Nasser Al-Tell
Regional Secretary: Vacant
Regional Competition Administrator: Ian Terry
Regional Treasurer: Lee Travers
Regional Vice-Chair: Vacant

Regional Board Members

Jonathan Goodge
Jason Ginn
David Evans
Paul Tunnell
Tom Morton
Alistair Calvert
Andy Cole
Lorna Fergus

National Councillors

Nasser Al-Tell, CycleOut London (nominated by Jason Ginn)
Lee Travers, Paceline RT (nominated by Nasser Al-Tell)
Jason Ginn, ACME Racing (nominated by Tabitha Rendall)
Paul Tunnell, Addiscombe CC (nominated by Addiscombe CC)
Jonathan Goodge
Tom Morton
David Evans
Alistair Calvert
Andy Cole
Lorna Fergus

Other self-nominations at the AGM and voted in without objection:
Lloyd Shackleford, Peckham BMX club (nominated by Nasser Al Tell)
Kayleigh Spencer-Dawson, Private Member (nominated by Tabitha Rendall)
Russ Saunders, NEG South East (nominated by Paul Tunnell)

Regional staff

Sport Manager (South of England): Bruce Karsten -
Sport Developer - Tim Sales -
Community Coach (Sutton): Angela Smith -

Regional Competition Administrator

Useful Documents

Notice of 2023 Annual General Meeting