About the Eastern region

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Contact: Trevor Mills
Email: millstrevor92@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 01277 657 186
Website: bc-regions.co.uk/eastern

Regional board

Regional chair: Julie Watts
Regional secretary: Trevor Mills
Regional competition administrator:
Regional treasurer: Justine Knight
Regional vice chair:
Regional president:
Regional board member: Colin Coe

Phillip Townsend
Brian Corneloues
Gino Howe
Ian Poole
Paul Coulson  
Steve Manser  
Phil Clark        
Tony Clark

National councillors

Brian Corneloues         
Willi Tarran      
Trevor Mills
Gino Howe      
Phillip Townsend         
Julie Watts

Regional staff

Regional events officers

Regional development managers

Recreation manager: Mat Cork 07834 516677 | matcork@britishcycling.org.uk