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About the Yorkshire region

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Contact: Peter Root

Regional board

Regional Chair: Bob Howden OBE
Regional Secretary: Peter Root
Regional Competition Administrator: Tim Leleux
Regional Treasurer: Chris Habershon
Regional Vice-Chairs: Marc Etches & Ian Hirst

Regional Board Members

Kevin Brown
Zuby Hamard
Ian O’Brien
Mandy Parker
Joanne Wood
James Hawkins
Dominic McCall
Bev Randell-Eyre
Harry Brayford

National Councillors

Marc Etches
Ian Hirst
Chris Habershon
Bev Randell-Eyre (reserve)

Regional staff

Sport Manager (North of England): Steve Johnson -S
Sport Developer: Andy Akers -
Sport Developer: Matt Gott -
Community Developer (Sheffield): Jonathan Powell -
Community Developer (Bradford): Charlotte McCormack -
Community Coach (Leeds): Andrew Samanjoul -
Community Coach (Sheffield): Abbie Taylor -

Regional Competition Administrator

Useful Documents

Notice of 2023 Annual General Meeting