Becoming a FSP Club

Becoming a FSP Club

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Becoming a FSP Club

We are keen to expand our network of BMX FSP clubs and would love to see more parks get involved in delivery. We’ll be opening for applications from August 2023, if you’d like to express interest before this time please contact

There are 3 core requirements for BMX FSP clubs, all of which will need to be met before a club can be signed off as a recognized British Cycling FSP Club: 

1. Club Registration

We need the park to officially register to British Cycling, to be recognized as part of our digital systems and part of our network of club. This is completed via a registration form (found here) and annual registration is a £50.00 fee. 

2. Facility Accreditation 

We need parks to complete a facility accreditation, which rubber stamps the safety and structure elements of the park. This is free of charge and will include a visit from a British Cycling member of staff, where parks will need to meet the criteria of a safe and structured facility. Please be reassured that whilst it is mandatory to meet the criteria, we will support any parks to meet the standards where required. 

3. Club Accreditation  

To support the ongoing development of FSP clubs, a Club Accreditation is required, the purpose of the accreditation is to help us understand what the club will look like, who it is aimed at and how it can develop in the future. You can access the Club Accreditation process through the Smart Survey platform here: British Cycling | Freestyle Park Accreditation Junction 4 Urban

'Sports Village has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past seven years, evolving from modest beginnings into a dynamic powerhouse in the realm of Urban Sports. With our unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of excellence, we have emerged as a thriving hub for athletes, enthusiasts, and visionaries alike. 
Now, in collaboration with British Cycling, creating the first accredited Freestyle clubs, We are harnessing and promoting the transformative power of Freestyle BMX, not only as an electrifying sport but also as a catalyst for personal growth, resilience, and community cohesion. Hosting the Clubs marks a pivotal moment in the Village's journey and the progression of Freestyle BMX—a testament to our relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and embracing possibilities and British Cycling’s openness in accepting the diversity of BMX Freestyle.
It is an opportunity to inspire and captivate future generations, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of BMX.  We are Stoked.'
Ant Ramsey Business Development Manager. Junction 4 Urban Sports Village