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Go-Ride is British Cycling's development programme for young people, delivered by Welsh Cycling here in Wales. The programme is aimed at ensuring young people have a safe, structured and well organised club to take part in the sport of cycling.

Go-Ride focuses on the development of the volunteers within the club and the existing and potential new young members by supporting the development of key officials and increasing the number of young riders with access to structured coaching activities.

Go-Ride supports the creation of school-club links, which helps provide clubs with a constant influx of new young members and helps everyone work towards our shared vision of more young people, more active, more often in cycling. The success of Go-Ride is dependent upon partnerships between Welsh Cycling, clubs, schools, local authorities and voluntary organisations.

Clubs must meet certain criteria before joining the programme but along the way they continually work towards improving themselves and achieving 'best-practice'. Once all the pieces are in place, a club can become Go-Ride Clubmark Accredited.

The development team’s role will be to ensure this is all documented and kept up to date along with the providing the relevant training and qualifications.

If you are interesting in becoming a Go-Ride club contact your local Cycling Development Officer

North Wales
Ian McLean
ian.Mclean@welshcycling.co.uk | 07850 937848

South Wales
Dan Coast
Dan.Coast@welshcycling.co.uk | 07872 149385

West Wales
Aled Jones
aled.jones@welshcycling.co.uk |
07725 639662