Go Ride Wales


What is Go-Ride?

Go-Ride is Welsh Cycling's Club Development Programme aimed at ensuring young people have a safe, structured and well organised club to take part in the sport of cycling.

Go-Ride focuses on the development of the volunteers within the club and the existing and potential new young members by supporting the development of key officials and increasing the number of young riders with access to structured coaching activities.

Go-Ride supports the creation of school-club links, which helps provide clubs with a constant influx of new young members and helps everyone work towards our shared vision of more young people, more active, more often in cycling. The success of Go-Ride is dependent upon partnerships between Welsh Cycling, clubs, schools, local authorities and voluntary organisations.

Clubs must meet certain criteria before joining the programme but along the way they continually work towards improving themselves and achieving 'best-practice'. Once all the pieces are in place, a club can become Go-Ride Clubmark Accredited.

Many clubs already meet a lot of the criteria necessary to become Go-Ride Clubmark Accredited;

  • Have an open and inclusive policy
  • A code of conduct and club constitution
  • A qualified coach
  • An appointed a club contact
  • An appointed welfare officer.

The development team’s role will be to ensure this is all documented and kept up to date along with the relevant training & qualifications.

Who is Go-Ride for?

Go-Ride is designed for clubs determined to improve their club activities and management. One of the benefits, alongside better administration, is that Go-Ride helps clubs increase youth membership and acts as a beacon to show that clubs provide a supportive environment for young members.

Go-Ride activities can be delivered in schools. A link is established between the school and a local Go-Ride club. This provides a sustainable exit route, allowing pupils to continue their cycling interests outside of school.

Go-Ride clubs rely on the hard work of volunteers. These volunteers include; Coaches, Club Helpers, and Club Welfare Officers. Go-Ride clubs are offered training for volunteers to help build a supportive environment for young people, in which they can enjoy their cycling.

Go-Ride clubs have something to offer everyone. They offer opportunities to ride, regardless of your age and ability, and opportunities to volunteer. There's something for the whole family!

Go-Ride for Clubs

Go-Ride is an initiative that integrates club development and structured coaching activities for young people into a single programme. It can be delivered through clubs or schools. If your club registers as working towards Clubmark, the process will take a few months, but you will be supported along the way by a Welsh Cycling Development Officer. Below is an outline of the benefits your club will receive and what your club needs to do to become Go-Ride Clubmark Accredited.

What does your club gain from becoming Go-Ride Clubmark Accredited?

  • Publicity - club details on Welsh Cycling Website and help with event promotion
  • School Links - to encourage more youth and junior club members
  • Ongoing Support from the Welsh Cycling team
  • Access to resources - including a Coaching Kitbag, Go-Ride Gears books 1 & 2
  • Training - for coaches, club officials and other volunteers
  • Free Silver Membership - for up to 7 nominated Club Officials
  • Reduced affiliation fees for your club
  • Support in obtaining external funding
  • Free bronze membership for new members

What does your club need to register?

  • Welsh Cycling Affiliation
  • A suitable  traffic free area to deliver coaching sessions for young people
  • At least one Qualified British Cycling Coach
  • A Club Secretary willing to have his/her details published
  • Club Welfare Officer (who must be willing to undergo training)

On registration your club will receive a coaching starter pack, 4 free silver memberships in your first 12 months, and free bronze membership for all members.

What commitment does your club need to give?

  • Deliver regular coaching activities through a British Cycling qualified coach
  • Forge close links with local schools to encourage children
  • Willingness to working towards Go-Ride Clubmark Accreditation within 12 months of registration.

How close are you to gaining Go-Ride Clubmark Accreditation?

Complete the Go-Ride Clubmark checklist to see how close you are to becoming a Go-Ride club. Return to your local Cycling Development Officer who will be able to assist you in the final stages.

Go-Ride Clubmark Checklist

How to get in touch

If you are interesting in becoming a Go-Ride club please contact Welsh Cycling’s Development Team

National Development Manager

Georgina Harper

Email: Georgina.Harper@welshcycling.co.uk

Telephone: 01633 271185

Development Officers

Ian McLean (North Wales)

Email: ian.Mclean@welshcycling.co.uk

Telephone: 07850 937848

Mike Tong (North Wales)

Email: Mike.Tong@welshcycling.co.uk

Telephone: 07535 719462


Dan Coast (South Wales)

Email: Dan.Coast@welshcycling.co.uk

Telephone: 07872 149385


Aled Jones (South West Wales)

Email: enquiries@wecyclewales.org

Telephone: 07725 639662