Event Training


Event Training

Event training including the commissaire and event organiser training

British Cycling has been working to improve the training available for all the commissaires, referees and organisers involved with cycling events. In order to do this, a structure has been devised to place all the elements necessary to organise and manage a cycling event.

Grass roots cycling events involve three main groups of stake holders: the organiser, the officials, and the competitors. The tasks necessary to run an event have been divided in to three main groups; administration, technical tasks and competition tasks.

The organiser is responsible for:

  • Administration - related to registering the event and receiving entries
  • Technical tasks - setting up the venue and course
  • Competition - deciding which type of competition to take place and it's general format.

The commissaires or referees representing the governing body at the event are responsible for:

  • Administration - decisions regarding validity of entries
  • Technical tasks - to check that competitors clothing and equipment is within the regulations
  • Competition - to implement and interpret the rules on behalf of the governing body

The competitors also have obligations. These are:

  • Administration - providing correct entries
  • Technical tasks - to bring equipment fit for purpose and within the regulations
  • Competition - to race and compete safely and fairly and accept the decisions of the officials

Having this structure in place will means it is easier to define what training is necessary for event officials and organisers and how to organise the training in a clear and concise manner.

Safeguarding and protecting children: Commissaires will be expected to complete a CRB Disclosure Application Form and provide the correct documentation when they attend the course. Each course will also cover best practice scenarios and how they might be applied in the discipline being taught.

Current Courses

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British Cycling is now delivering courses in the following disciplines. Please click on the link below to find out more details

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