Track: Latest report and results from the Welwyn League

Track: Latest report and results from the Welwyn League

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Location: Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn
Event: 30 August 2013
Report: Peter Waghorn/Snowdon Sports

This weeks’ racing was one of the best meetings of the year – a fine warm evening, a record number of 47 youth riders plus good fast racing in all categories from youth to senior.

The opening 10 lap scratch for Senior A riders was won by Kristian Woolf by inches - the riders left a gap on the inside as they approached the line which he dived through to score his first win of the meeting from series leader John McClelland.

Theo Doncaster attacked in the first laps of the Points race notching up 12 points and hung on to his lead to take the event by two points. The scratch group in the 10 lap handicap reeled in the field with 2 laps remaining and took the top three places led in by Woolf, McClelland and Hastings.

The 10 mile field was down to 6 riders with 6 laps left and the top three riders crossed the line just inches apart to conclude a fast run 10 mile.

The CC Ashwell riders dominated the Senior B events with some positive riding. In the 10 lap Hare and Hounds the four Hares worked well together and were never reeled in by the chasers – Jon Chapman won from Caroline Harding and Sophie Lankford with all four riders picking up useful League points.

The increasing numbers in the youth categories week on week is a great bonus for the future of the Track League and the hard work put in by the wide variety of clubs and coaches.

Frank Longstaff and Dan Maynard took the honours in the opening 8 lap Youth A race and the 8 lap handicap. Also in contention were Jordan Mooney, Cark Jolly and Mitch Powell and this group cleaned up the League points and positions.

The 19-strong Youth BC section saw Will Raymond increase his overall series lead. Prize of the evening went to Harriett Mellor in winning the 6 lap handicap from Sophie Holmes and Tom Durkin in a 8 up dash for the line.

Christian Manzi was on good form in the CDE category winning the 3 lap scratch and the closing 4 lap handicap. He has narrowed the gap to series leader Lauren Higham with two meetings left. The two 3 lap handicaps were really competitive with the limit riders setting off at high speed - the scratch group worked hard but failed to make contact.


Senior A
10 lap scr – Kristian Woolf (Prestige) John McClelland (Prestige) Andy Hastings (Finchley RT)
10 lap Handicap – Kristian Woolf (Prestige) John McClelland (Prestige) Andy Hastings (Finchley RT)
10 lap Points – Theo Doncaster (CC Ashwell) Mark Smith (Welwyn) John McClelland (Prestige)
10 mile – Kristian Woolf (Prestige) John McClelland (Prestige) Mark Smith (Welwyn)

Senior B
10 lap scr – Anthony Morris (CC Ashwell) Brynl Davis (CC Ashwell) Roger Woodford (Willesden)
10 lap Hare & Hounds – Jon Chapman (CC Ashwell) Caroline Harding (VC St Raphael) Sophie Lankford (Cambridge Tri)
Devil – Roger Woodford (Willesden) Anthony Morris (CC Ashwell) Jason Burrill (Bourne Whs)

Youth A
8 lap Scr – Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) Dan Maynard (Welwyn) Mitchell Powell (Team Terminator)
Devil – Dan Maynard (Welwyn) Carl Jolly (Hillingdon) Jordan Mooney (Welwyn)
Points – Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Glen Dossett (Welwyn) Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator)
8 lap H’cap – Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator) Dan Maynard (Welwyn) Carl Jolly (Hillingdon)

Youth B
5 lap Scr – Will Raymond, Michael Parry, Tom Durkin (all Welwyn)
Devil – Will Raymond, Michael Parry, Toby Miles (all Welwyn)
Points – Michael Parry (Welwyn) Sherilyn Powell (Chelmer) Tom Durkin (Welwyn)
6 Lap H’Cap – Harriet Mellor (Hillingdon) Sophie Holmes (Inverse Comp) Tom Durkin (Welwyn)

Youth CDE
3 lap Scr – Christian Manzi (Welwyn) Lauren Higham (Welwyn) Sam Asker (West Suffolk)
3 lap H’Cap A – Ben Hinchliffe, Joe Kylie, James Dene (all Welwyn)
3 lap H’Cap B – Sophie Saberton (St Ives) James Dene (Welwyn) Sam Gage (Welwyn)
4 lap H’cap – Christian Manzi (Welwyn) Sophie Saberton (St Ives) Lauren Higham (Welwyn)

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British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.