Track: Day One report from Inter Regional Track Champs

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Location: National Velodrome, Newport, Wales
Event: 14 September 2012
Report and Photos: Guy Swarbrick

The first day of competition at the Inter Regional Track Championships kicked off at the Wales National Velodrome in Newport with the 200m Time Trials to seed the Sprint competitions.

Hannah Blount of the East Midlands was the only one of the girls to break the 13 second barrier with a 12.487 – just 6 thousandths of Jess Crampton’s Championship Record. Ellie Dickinson of the North West just missed out on a 12 second time, clocking 13.034 for second with Lucy Shaw of the West Midlands a whisker behind on 13.057.

Emily Haycox was next up on 13.353 with Flora Gillies of Scotland on 13.548. Laura Cheesman of the South East and Lauren O’Brien of Yorkshire were the other riders to go under 14 seconds, setting times of 13.973 and 13.982 respectively. With the top 7 riders all from different regions, it looked as though we were in for a competitive sprint competition!

The best of the Boys – Thomas Scammell of the South – was a quarter of a second of John Paul’s Championship record on 11.578 - with team mate Joseph Truman in fourth on 11.744. National Champion Jack Hoyle was second for the South East on 11.615 with Leon Gledhill of Yorkshire third on 11.682. Thomas Rotherham and Matthew Gibson were the last of the riders under 12 seconds, the North West duo setting times of 11.773 and 11.926 seconds.

The Sprint format sees seeded heats followed by Semi Finals and Finals involving all riders in order to rank everyone for the team competition. The Heats of the Girls’ competition went to form with the seeded riders winning their heats and the only minor upset in the Semi Finals was Shaw, who beat Dickinson – who had, in any case, only qualifies two hundredths of a second faster. Dickinson reasserted herself in the Finals, pulling off a nice move to take 3rd from Emily Haycox and Blount cruised home against Shaw in the A Final to take the overall win for the East Midlands.

Gibson was the surprise of the Heats in the Boys competition, defeating Gledhill who’d qualified 3 places above hime – with everyone else progressing according to their seeding. In the Semi Finals a tactical mistake by Rotherham put paid to any chance of an upset against top seed Scammell who progressed to the Final to meet second fastest qualifier Hoyle. It was Hoyle, though, who had the better of the Final – giving the South East their first win of the competition with Gibson taking third ahead of Rotherham.

The Scratch races saw wins for the West Midlands – Angela Eggleton taking the win in the Girls race from Charlotte Broughton of the East Midlands and Kim English of the South East – and Yorkshire – Joey Walker heading home Fabio Close of the North West and Central’s Ben Chapman.

The Boys Points Race was dominated by Tristan Robbins of the South who took the first two sprints of the six available and then, to make sure of the win, the last two as well. The National Points Race Champion joined National Scratch Race Champion Levi Moody in having his team points docked for a technical infringement in the composition of his National Champions jersey (Moody lost his points from the 12th place he registered in the earlier race) – handing maximum points, ironically, to Moody who finished second for Yorkshire. Fabio Close took third for the North West, with Ben Chapman fourth for Central.

The Girls Points Race was a more even affair with only Grace Garner of the East Midlands scoring more than one sprint win. She took the first and last to rack up 13 points – but that was only good enough for second spot. Megan Barker of Wales took Sprint 3 but was second in two others and third in all the rest to take the win with 17 points. Eastern’s Bethany Hayward took sprint 4 and accumulated 10 point to secure third ahead of the other sprint winners English and Paige Millward of the West Midlands.

So, at the end of Day 1 it was the South East that topped the Omnium-style table on 25 points, three ahead of the North West which was just two points ahead of the East Midlands. Yorkshire were fourth on 32 – seven off the lead – tied on points with the West Midlands.


Boys 10km Scratch Race
1 Joey Walker Yorkshire
2 Fabio Close North West
3 Ben Chapman Central
4 James Shaw East Midlands
5 Louis Magnani South East
6 Charlie Tanfield North East
7 Jack Escrit West Midlands
8 Hisham Al-Ramah South East
9 Max Stedman Central
10 Tristan Robbins South
11 Joe Fry Eastern
12 Levi Moody Yorkshire
13 Louis Modell Eastern
14 Stuart Balfour Scotland
15 Hamish Carrick Scotland
16 Jack King East Midlands
17 Harrison Fielding South
18 Rhys Britton Wales
19 Joe Evans West Midlands
20 Tomos Owens Wales
21 Christian Braybrooke North West
22 Jake Dobson North East
23 James Trott South West
24 Joel Kelly South West

Girls 10km Scratch Race
1 Angela Eggleton West Midlands
2 Charlotte Broughton East Midlands
3 Kim English South East
4 Bethany Hayward Eastern
5 Jessica Roberts Wales
6 Paige Millward West Midlands
7 Elizabeth Holden North West
8 Abbi Mae Parkinson Yorkshire
9 Grace Garner East Midlands
10 Abbie Dentus Central
11 Lucy Harper Eastern
12 Megan Barker Wales
13 Abi Van-Twisk South East
14 Victoria Kinrade North West
15 Melissa Lowther Yorkshire
16 Sam Verrill North East
17 Bethany Taylor South
18 Alex Sheehan South West
19 Hester Stembridge South West
20 Charlotte Turner South @ 1 lap
21 Anna Marie Hughes Central @ 2 laps
22 Lulu Bartlett Scotland @ 3 laps

Tandem 200m Time Trial
1 Sophie Thornhill & Megan Boyd 12.044
2 Jack Garner & Matt Waters 12.642
3 Joe Widdowson & Marcus Partridge 12.716
4 Lydia Hayden & Ana Gill 13.581
5 Alice Hayden & Emily Thoday 14.629

Tandem 1km Time Trial
1 Sophie Thornhill & Megan Boyd 1:13.820
2 Jack Garner & Matt Waters 1:14.290
3 Joe Widdowson & Marcus Partridge 1:17.390
4 Lydia Hayden & Ana Gill 1:26.730
5 Alice Hayden & Emily Thoday 1:29.220

Boys Points Race
1 Tristan Robbins South 20 points
2 Levi Moody Yorkshire 9
3 Fabio Close North West 9
4 Ben Chapman Central 6
5 Max Stedman Central 5
6 Louis Magnani South East 5
7 Joe Fry Eastern 5
8 Charlie Tanfield North East 2
9 Christian Braybrooke North West 1
10 Joe Evans West Midlands 1
11 James Shaw East Midlands 1
12 Jack Escrit West Midlands
13 Louis Modell Eastern
14 Joey Walker Yorkshire
15 Rhys Britton Wales
16 Hamish Carrick Scotland
17 Jack King East Midlands DNF
17 Tomos Owens Wales DNF
17 Harrison Fielding South DNF
20 Jake Dobson North East DNF
20 Joel Kelly South West DNF
20 James Trott South West DNF
20 Hisham Al-Ramah South East DNF
20 Stuart Balfour Scotland DNF

Girls Points Race
1 Megan Barker Wales 17 points
2 Grace Garner East Midlands 13
3 Bethany Hayward Eastern 10
4 Kim English South East 8
5 Paige Millward West Midlands 6
6 Abbie Dentus Central 3
7 Jessica Roberts Wales 3
8 Bethany Taylor South 3
9 Abbi Mae Parkinson Yorkshire 2
10 Victoria Kinrade North West 1
11 Lucy Harper Eastern
12 Elizabeth Holden North West
13 Abi Van-Twisk South East
14 Charlotte Broughton East Midlands
15 Charlotte Turner South
16 Sam Verrill North East
17 Angela Eggleton West Midlands
18 Hester Stembridge South West DNF
19 Alex Sheehan South West DNF
20 Anna Marie Hughes Central DNF
21 Lulu Bartlett Scotland DNF
22 Melissa Lowther Yorkshire DNF

Boys Sprint

Qualifying 200m Time Trial
1 Thomas Scammell South 11.578
2 Jack Hoyle South East 11.615
3 Leon Gledhill Yorkshire 11.682
4 Joseph Truman South 11.744
5 Thomas Rotheram North West 11.773
6 Matthew Gibson North West 11.926
7 Joe Holt Wales 12.067
8 Jacob Kelly West Midlands 12.067
9 Harry Crew East Midlands 12.099
10 Ricky Parsons South West 12.135
11 Ethan Lee West Midlands 12.231
12 Karl Baillie East Midlands 12.236
13 Oliver Moors South East 12.289
14 Henry Dawson Central 12.294
15 Joe Wiltshire Wales 12.322
16 Sean Noon Scotland 12.404
17 Tom Baylis South West 12.573
18 Jack Plumley Eastern 12.612
19 Struan McInness Yorkshire 12.644
20 Zak Loney Scotland 12.655
21 Theo Doncaster Eastern 12.788
22 Luke Morgan Central 12.955
23 Scott Auld North East 13.443
24 Richie Allan North East 14.083

Tom Baylis South West 13.508
Richie Allan North East

Jack Plumley Eastern 12.341
Scott Auld North East

Struan McInness Yorkshire 12.703
Luke Morgan Central

Zak Loney Scotland 13.308
Theo Doncaster Eastern

Harry Crew East Midlands 12.546
Sean Noon Scotland

Ricky Parsons South West 12.387
Joe Wiltshire Wales

Henry Dawson Central 12.539
Ethan Lee West Midlands

Karl Baillie East Midlands 12.795
Oliver Moors South East

Thomas Scammell South 11.770
Jacob Kelly West Midlands

Jack Hoyle South East 12.236
Joe Holt Wales

Matthew Gibson North West 12.345
Leon Gledhill Yorkshire

Thomas Rotheram North West 12.067
Joseph Truman South

Theo Doncaster Eastern 12.984
Richie Allan North East

Scott Auld North East 13.394
Luke Morgan Central REL

Zak Loney Scotland 12.808
Tom Baylis South West

Struan McInness Yorkshire 12.703
Jack Plumley Eastern

Sean Noon Scotland 12.491
Oliver Moors South East

Ethan Lee West Midlands 12.551
Joe Wiltshire Wales

Harry Crew East Midlands 14.333
Karl Baillie East Midlands

Henry Dawson Central 12.372
Ricky Parsons South West

Joseph Truman South 12.705
Jacob Kelly West Midlands

Leon Gledhill Yorkshire 12.198
Joe Holt Wales

Thomas Scammell South 11.640
Thomas Rotheram North West

Jack Hoyle South East
Matthew Gibson North West

1 Jack Hoyle South East 11.859
2 Thomas Scammell South

3 Matthew Gibson North West 12.173
4 Thomas Rotheram North West

5 Leon Gledhill Yorkshire 11.926
6 Joseph Truman South

7 Jacob Kelly West Midlands 11.894
8 Joe Holt Wales

9 Henry Dawson Central 12.479
10 Harry Crew East Midlands

11 Ricky Parsons South West 12.942
12 Karl Baillie East Midlands

13 Ethan Lee West Midlands 12.455
14 Sean Noon Scotland

15 Joe Wiltshire Wales 12.679
16 Oliver Moors South East

17 Zak Loney Scotland 13.143
18 Struan McInness Yorkshire

19 Jack Plumley Eastern 12.603
20 Tom Baylis South West

21 Theo Doncaster Eastern 12.88
22 Scott Auld North East

23 Luke Morgan Central 13.105
24 Richie Allan North East

Girls Sprint

Qualifying 200m Time Trial
1 Hannah Blount East Midlands 12.487
2 Ellie Dickinson North West 13.034
3 Lucy Shaw West Midlands 13.057
4 Emily Haycox Wales 13.353
5 Flora Gillies Scotland 13.548
6 Laura Cheseman South East 13.973
7 Lauren O’Brien Yorkshire 13.982
8 Emma Borthwick Scotland 14.443
9 Jess Watts North East 14.487
10 Francesca Morgan-Slader Eastern 14.976
11 Chloe Evans Central 15.376
12 Molly Pilgrim South West 15.384
13 Kirsty Boak North East 15.621
14 Sophie Taylor South 16.081

Kirsty Boak North East 14.340
Molly Pilgrim South West
Jess Watts North East

Francesca Morgan-Slader Eastern 14.720
Chloe Evans Central
Sophie Taylor South

Hannah Blount East Midlands 13.250
Emma Borthwick Scotland

Ellie Dickinson North West 13.377
Lauren O’Brien Yorkshire

Lucy Shaw West Midlands 13.992
Laura Cheseman South East

Emily Haycox Wales 13.653
Flora Gillies Scotland

Semi Finals
Kirsty Boak North East 14.943
Chloe Evans Central

Francesca Morgan-Slader Eastern 14.562
Molly Pilgrim South West

Flora Gillies Scotland 14.026
Emma Borthwick Scotland

Laura Cheseman South East 14.356
Lauren O’Brien Yorkshire REL

Hannah Blount East Midlands 14.674
Emily Haycox Wales

Lucy Shaw West Midlands 13.813
Ellie Dickinson North West

1 Hannah Blount East Midlands 13.605
2 Lucy Shaw West Midlands

3 Ellie Dickinson North West 13.506
4 Emily Haycox Wales

5 Flora Gillies Scotland 13.917
6 Laura Cheseman South East

7 Lauren O’Brien Yorkshire 14.250
8 Emma Borthwick Scotland

9 Francesca Morgan-Slader Eastern 14.288
10 Kirsty Boak North East

11 Chloe Evans Central 15.055
12 Molly Pilgrim South West

13 Jess Watts North East 15.471
14 Sophie Taylor South

Standings After Day 1
1 South East 25
2 North West 28
3 East Midlands 30
4 Yorkshire 32
5 West Midlands 32
6 Central 43
7 Wales 51
8 Eastern 53
9 South 68
10 North East 78
11 Scotland 92
12 South West 102

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.