Newcastle-under-Lyme Mid Summer Open 2012

Newcastle-under-Lyme Mid Summer Open 2012

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Mid Summer Track Meeting 2012
Location: Necastle Under Lyme
Event: 19 August 2012

This year’s British Summer again hit this meeting a couple of hours into the event bringing rain that halted proceedings for a couple of hours. After a stoppage, the track dried sufficiently to hold the 20km race and some events in the youth omnium but unfortunately the track just never remained dry enough for the top class sprinting that would have been in store for us and subsequently the event had to be then aborted.

Due to rain mid-meeting, this event did not get past the first round reps. Therfore, there was no result or counting points for the National Sprinters League except the 200m time trial. Winner and local rider, Kian Emadi from Brian Rourke Cycles won it in a new track record time.

1 Kian Emadi Brian Rourke Cycles. 10.88 (New Track Record)
2 Matt Crampton Team Sky Track 11.01
3 Pete Mitchell V-Sprint 11.04
4 Callum Skinner Edinburgh Racers 11.08
5 David Daniell V-Sprint Racing 11.08
6 Miles Stovold Swinnerton Cycles 11.14
7 Lewis Olivia BCDS 11.32
8 Tom Baker V-Sprint Racing 11.36
9 Miles Anon Swinnerton Cycles 11.46
10 Kenny Ayre City of Edinburgh RC 11.6
11 Sean Mayer Swinnerton Cycles 11.63
12 Andrew Leverton CC Ashwell 11.66
13 Sassan Emadi Tunstall Whls-Brian Rourke Cycles 11.75
14 Cameron Howard Team Spirit Racing 11.94
15 Rowan Elliot VC St Raphael 11.95
16 Alexander James Halesowen A&CC 12.08

National endurance leauge 20 km scratch.

After a rain delay, the track dried sufficiently to hold the 20km distance race. The endurance riders tried to keep the pace up in an attempt to get rid of some the sprinters and were successful apart from Matt Crampton still being left in at the end. Three riders broke away, with an attack from Rob Lampton towards the end but it all came together with just one lap to go with Matt Crampton taking a win and local rider James Notley taking second place.

1 Matt Crampton - team sky track
2 James Notley - planet x
3 Mark Stewart - spokes rt
4 Robert Lambton - brooks cycles
5 Phillip Trodden - city of edinburgh rc
6 David Martin -
7 Callum Watson - city of edinburgh rc
8 Alex Simmons - lyme rc-swinnerton cycles
9 Thomas Gregory - v-sprint racing
10 David Brearley - cottingham cycling centre
11 Andy Leigh - velocity rt

B-results for 20km

1 Matthew Walls - team velocity.
2 Steve Davies - ferryhill wheelers.
3 Christine Higgs - maccelsfield wheelers.

Newcastle rc 200 sponsored youth – omnium

The youth riders suffered from a programme change due to rain that saw their day of races become simplified to just three events, 6 lap scratch, 3.5 lap handicap and 600m handicap. The winner of each race got one point second, two points and so on. After the three events, the person with the fewest points was declared the winner.

1 Liam Zwetschnikow. 5 points
2 James Duncalf. 6 points
3 Bradeley Hill 9-points

Women’s and B 12 lap scratch.

1 Callum Watson - city of edinburgh rc.
2 Paige Milward - lyme rc – swinnerton cycles.
3 Steve Davies - ferryhill wheelers.
4 Rodger Duncalf
5 Christine Higgs

A endurance 10 lap course de primes.

Winner of each lap was:

  • David Martin
  • Mark Stewart
  • Andy Leigh
  • Thomas Gregory
  • Phillip Trodden
  • Robert Lambton