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Report: Chris Pyatt

The latest Round of Brooks Cycles Track League at the Lyme Valley Velodrome, Newcastle under Lyme , Staffs took place on Thursday 5th July and belive it or not it was warm and sunny and it did not rain throughout the meet. This was lucky as only 5 miles away the roads were flooded with torrential downpours!!!

Despite the dodgy forecast there was a great turnout of riders in both the main league and the Freewheelers. The A Class endurance races saw some very quick racing with league leader Ryan Whatmough ( Shepherd Cycles) taking wins in the 10 lap and 10 mile scratch events. However he did not have it all his own way with his father Paul winning the devil. Other notable rides came from the ever improving Alex Simmons ( Swinnerton Cycles) who took second in the devil, 3rd in the 10 lap scratch and also a member of the winning team pursuit squad.

The A Class sprint events saw Barney Swinnerton ( Swinnerton Cycles) win both Kieren events and also he was a member of the winning Team Sprint Squad. Newly crowned National Masters Sprint and 750 TT Champion Phil Houlton only rode a couple of events due to him racing again this weekend however he still put in a good ride to place second in the first keiren race.

The Neil Potter sponsored 500m handicap latest round saw 2011 Youth National 500m Champion Ryan Whatmough take the victory from Jack Payne ( Sportcity Velo) and Louis Preston ( Lyme RC) in third place.

Again there was a great turnout of B Class riders with Youth Rider Matthew Walls, (Velocity RT) top scoring with wins in the 8 lap scratch and the devil. Paige Millward ( Lyme RC) won the course de primes event and George Edwards ( Lyme RC) was the first B Class rider over the line in the 10 mile scratch.

Sallie Birchall ( Lyme RC) continues to dominate the youth events as she took a all three individual events and was a member of the winning team sprint team. Joe Swinnerton ( Lyme RC) also showed well as he scored 5 points on the night.

The Freewheelers league saw 30 riders compete with a good spread of points shared out across the three groups. After the nights racing the top points scorers were as follows;


Group 1 James Brayford Lyme RC 10 points
Group 2 Aaron Mansell Lyme RC 9 Points
Group 3 James Turner 5 points

Freewheelers Results

Group 1

Race 1
1. James Brayford Lyme RC
2. Harvey Myatt Newcastle Tri Club
3. Alex Coates Lyme RC

Race 2
1. James Brayford
2. Harvey Myatt
3. Alex Coates

Race 3
1. James Brayford
2. Alex Coates
3. Harvey Myatt

Group 2

Race 1
1. Aaron Mansell Lyme RC
2. Holly Mulroy Congleton CC
3. Joe Boulton Lyme RC

Race 2
1. Aaron Mansell
2. Thomas Hughes
3. Holly Mulroy

Race 3
1. Thomas Hughes
2. Aaron Mansell
3. Edward Mulroy Congleton CC

Group 3

Race 1
1. Evie Davis Lyme RC
2. Izaak Curtis Lyme RC
3. Josh Jackson

Race 2
1. James Turner
2. Sam Williams
3. Olly Davis Lyme RC

Race 3
1. Chloe Tennant
2. Sam Williams
3. James Turner

Main League

Youth 200m TT
1. Sallie Birchall Lyme RC
2. Joe Swinnerton Lyme RC
3. Ashleigh Williams Lyme RC

A Class Endurance 10 Lap Scratch
1. Ryan Whatmough Shepherd Cycles
2. Adrian Adgar Balanced Performance
3. Alex Simmons Swinerton Cycles

Neil Potter 500m Handicap Series
1. Ryan Whatmough
2. Jack Payne Sportcity Velo
3. Louis Preston Lyme RC

B Scartch
1. Matthew Walls Velocity RT
2. George Edwards Lyme RC
3. Phil Braybrooke Manchester Wheelers

Youth Devil
1. Sallie Birchall
2. Liam Zwetschnikow Lyme RC
3. Joe Swinnerton

A Class Endurance Team Pursuit
1. Alex Simmons
Robert Lambton Brooks Cycles
James Risk Sportcity Velo
Ryan Whatmough
Bernard Swinnerton Lyme RC

A Class Sprinters Team Sprint
1. Barney Swinnerton Swinnerton Cycles
Sean Mayer Swinnerton Cycles
Louis Preston Lyme RC

B Class Devil
1. Matthew Walls
2. Sam Birchall Velocity RT
3. Neil Clarke VC Nottingham

Youth Team Sprint
1. Aleshia Mellor Eastlands Velo
Megan Williams Lyme RC
Ashleigh Williams
Sallie Birchall

A Class Endurance Devil
1. Paul Whatmough Shepherd Cycles
2. Alex Simmons
3. James Risk

A Class sprinters Kieren 1
1. Barney Swinnerton
2. Phil Houlton Brooke Cycles
3. Sean Mayer

B Class Course De Primes
1. Paige Millward Lyme RC
2. George Edwards
3. Neil Clarke

Youth Scratch
1. Sallie Birchall
2. James Brayford Lyme RC
3. Joe Swinnerton

A Class Sprinters Kieren 2
1. Barney Swinnerton
2. Joel Partington
3. Jack Payne

10 Mile Scratch
1. Ryan Whatmough
2. Joel Partington Sportcity Velo
3. Adrian Adgar
1. B George Edwards