Liam Phillips returns to BMX

Liam Phillips returns to BMX

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GB Cycling Team’s Liam Phillips is set to return to the BMX programme after a stint of training with the men’s team sprint squad at the Velodrome.

Phillips (centre) competed in the team sprint at the National Track Championships

Like Jamie Staff before him, Liam showed the power output potential to bid for man one in the team sprint and spent six months training on the track, culminating in a Bronze medal in the team sprint with Phillip Hindes and Kian Emadi at the recent National Track Championships before making the decision to return to BMX.

Speaking of his decision, Liam said: “My time training on the track was fantastic and it was such an awesome opportunity to train with the sprint squad. Ultimately though, I missed my BMX bike and as such have made the decision to return to BMX racing.”