Welwyn Friday Night Track League (Aug 20)

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Welwyn Friday Night Track League (Aug 20)

Story posted August 23, 2010 | by Peter Waghorn

Following a nasty crash in the final 150 metres of opening 10 lap scratch in the Senior A category, in which Ed Bird and Alister Slater required the attention of the paramedics for 45 minutes, the rest of the programme was rearranged once the ambulances had departed. Alister Slater was released that evening with cuts and bruises but Ed Bird was kept in overnight with a broken elbow and wrist and was operated on on Saturday morning. This has unfortunately ruled him out of the Youth Nationals in Newport and the Youth Games team both on road and track.

Sam Connolley won the opening Senior B group 10 lap scratch in a tight finish with Ryan Owens and went on to win a very exciting 10 lap A/B Block Handicap. The B group was given 250m start over the A group and set off at a cracking pace determined to make it as tough as possible for the A group to make contact. As they went into the final lap, the gap was down to 40 metres when John McClelland jumped out of the A group but was unable to close the gap on leader Sam Connolley who took his second victory of the evening with B group riders George Farrell third and Josh Maynard close up in 4th spot.  

In the senior 10 mile, the field was whittled down and before half distance, a seven strong group were away which came down to just four riders over the last 8 laps in the windy conditions. John McClelland led out from 150m to win with Dave Baker easing out Lee Desborough for second place and Eric Gowland fourth.

A depleted Youth A group were combined with the Youth B/C group after 2 events. Ollie Plumley extended his lead over Sam Gilzean. Archie Wishart won the 3 lap Handicap while series leader Jack Plumley won the Scratch race. In the 4 lap Handicap, limit rider Peran Truscott made full use of his starting position and was never caught for his first win of the season.

The strong Youth C/D group had three different winners – Connor Woodford taking the Scratch race while newcomer Millie Gage won the first of the 3 lap Handicaps and the diminutive James King took the second Handicap outsprinting Abigail Coles in the last few metres. Will Raymond leads the Youth C/D series overall.  


10 lap scratch A
1. John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
2. Lee Desborough (St Ives)
3. Jim Lewis (Glendene)

10 lap Scratch B
1. Sam Connolley (Maldon)
2. Ryan Owens (Welwyn Whs)
3. George Farrell (Welwyn Whs)

10 lap  A/B Block Handicap
1. Sam Connolley (Maldon)
2. John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
3. George Farrell (Welwyn Whs)

10 mile
1. John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
2. David Baker (Police Sports UK)
3. Lee Desborough (St Ives)

Youth A
5 lap scratch
1. Ollie Plumley (Welwyn)
2. Sam Gilzean (Icknield RC)
3. Joseph Fry (Welwyn)   

1 lap Dash 
1. Ollie Plumley  (Welwyn)
2. Sam Gilzean (Icknield)
3. Joseph Fry (Welwyn)               
Youth  B/C
4 lap scratch
1. Jack Plumley,
2. Archie Wishart,
3. Chloe Evans (all Welwyn)
Youth A/B/C 4 lap Handicap
1. Peran Truscott,
2. Archie Wishart,
3. Jack Plumley (all Welwyn)

Youth C/D
4 lap scratch 
1. Connor Woodford (Hillingdon)
2. Will Raymond (Welwyn)
3. Isabel Scott (Welwyn) 

3 lap Handicap A
1. Millie Gage (Welwyn)
2. James King (Cambridge)
3. Abigail Coles (Welwyn)

3 lap Handicap B
1. James King (Cambridge)
2. Abigail Coles (Welwyn)
3. Tristan Rayner (CC Ashwell)