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National Masters Track Championships

July 2, 2010; Newport Velodrome; by Richard Robotham

The British Cycling National Masters Track Championships returned once again to the Welsh National Velodrome in Newport with a record number of entries. The events, organised by Graham Bristow over three days from Friday 2nd July to Sunday 4th July, will see the riders competing in Sprint, Time Trial, Scratch, Pursuit and Points races.

Close one for Reid in his final.

The first day was dominated by the Sprinters which started off with the now traditional 200 metre flying time trial to sort out the seeding for the first round proper. Kicking off the competition were the 70+ riders in which Derek Thurrell (Teeside Clarion) recorded the fastest time of 14.967s. In the 65-69 category, Geoff Cooke (Sherwood Pines Cycles) recorded an impressive 12.336s whilst a time of 12.724s was recorded by Thomas Demery (Bush Healthcare CRT) in the 60-64 category.

Dave Le Grys (Team Terminator) secured a notable 11.771s time in the 55-59 category and Eddy Sobieralski ( managed an outstanding 11.697s. In the 45-49 category James Varnish (Halesowen A&CC) was fastest of all with 11.453s despite a broken steel plate to his left collar bone which he only discovered yesterday.

Slideshow: Sprint

Phil Houlton (NCRC2001) recorded an 11.845s in the 40-44 category. The 35-39 category was taken in a time of 11.688s by Adam Roberts (Planet X) and James Taylor (Felt-Colbourne RT) recorded an 11.654s to secure the second fastest time of the day to take top seed in the 30-35 category. With only four riders taking part in the 30-34 category time trial this would mean that this group would go straight to semi finals. In the Women's competition, Janet Birkmyre (Orbea – For Goodness Shakes) recorded the fastest time with a 12.451s for the 200m in the 40+ group and Alison Chisholm (Edinburgh RC) recorded a 12.560s in the 30-39 age group.

A victory for Janet Birkmyre

With the Round 1 Sprint Heats generally going as seeded, this would then leave the remaining places for the semi finals to be sorted out by the repechages. The 70+ group heat went to Brian Dacey (DeLaune CC). The second repecharge of the day saw the 65-69 riders take to the track where John Mason (Ayr Roads CC) booked his place in the semi finals by winning the close sprint finish.

The 60-64 age group was taken convincingly by Ian Bell (PCA Ciclos Uno). In a close four up sprint Andy Laing (Musselburgh RCC) led from the front to win and secure his place in the semi final. The 50-54 group would require two repecharge heats, the first of which was won quite convincingly by Mark Zaschke (City Cycle and the second was by a clear bike length by Steve Pulford (Sherwood Pines Cycles).

The 45-49 category would necessitate two repecharge heats, the first of which was a four up and was won by Robert Cox (Cambridge CC) and the second heat with only three riders was won with three clear bike length by Steve Croggon (Beacon RCC). The 40-44 Group required three repecharge heats each with two riders, the first heat was taken by Stephen Aslin (BC PM), the second heat was won by Andrew Elderfield ( VC Revolution) after some initial “cat & mouse” tactics.

World Masters Champion Geoff Cooke has a battle on his hand during a round of the Sprint competition.

The third heat of the 40-44 age group was only just taken by Stephen Cwiklinski (Yasumitsu Schlapp) despite sitting up well before the finish line. The 35-39 category required two repecharges the first of which was won by Simon Parkin (Heanor Clarion) and the second being taken by Mark Robinson (RAF CC) after a full lap tussle. The final repecharge of the day was for the 30-39 Female Group and was won by Louise Haston (City of Edinburgh RC).

The semi-finals generally went as seeded with the exception of Steve Davies (Ferryhill Wheelers CC) 55-59, David Baker (Police Sport UK) 45-49, Marlon Moncrieffe (Oakwood Racers CT) 35-39, Neil Whithington (VC St Raphael) 30-34 and Jeanette Baxter (Yasumitsu Schlapp) 40+ Female, all of whom forced their way through to the ride off for Gold Medals. The much awaited finals began as the heat and humidity started to rise within the Wales National Velodrome. The finals were very much more closely contested and were run without any major incidents and the results were concluded as expected.

Photos (more to come later in the week)

Dave Le Grys.

James Taylor

Jim Varnish on his way to another victory

A victory for Wales on home turf.


70+ Sprint Male

3rd & 4th
3.  Brian DACEY DeLaune CC
4.  Alan WHITWORTH Altringham Ravens
time 16.115

1st & 2nd Places
1.  Roland CRAYFORD San Fairy Ann CC
2.  Derek THURRELL Teeside Clarion
time 15.08

65-69 Sprint Male
3.-4th Place
3.  Dave ROWE 34th Nomads
4.  John MASON Ayr Roads CC
time 13.584

1st & 2nd Places
1. Geoff COOKE Sherwood Pines Cycles
2. Lance RAVENHILL Coventry Cycle Centre
time 12.482

60-64 Sprint Male
3rd-4th Place
3. Ian BELL PCA Ciclos Uno
DNS Michael ALLEN Belper BC

1st & 2nd Places
1. Thomas DEMERY Bush Healthcare CRT
2. Sandy WALLACE Sandy Wallace Cycles
time 12.911

55-59 Sprint Male FINALS
3rd-4th Place
3. Andy LAING Musselburgh Roads CC
4. David SMITH Stafford Road Club
time 12.784

1st & 2nd Places
1. David Le GRYS Team Terminator
2. Steve DAVIES Ferryhill Wheelers CC
time 12.126

50-54 Sprint Male
4th - 6th 
4. Keith WILLIAMS Port Talbot Wheelers
5. Steve PULFORD Sherwood Pines Cycles
6. Mark ZASCHKE City Cycle
time 12.562

1st 2nd & 3rd Places
1. Ivor REID Clachnacuddin CC
2. Steve CRONSHAW Bereton Wheelers
time 12.421

45-49 Sprint Male
4th - 6th 
4. John SAYSELL North Road CC
5. Robert COX Cambridge CC
6. Steve CROGGON Beacon RCC
time 12.806

1st 2nd & 3rd Places
1. James VARNISH Halesowen C & AC
2. Martin STEPHENS VC Rutland
3. David BAKER Police Sport UK
time 12.161

40-44 Sprint Male
4th - 6th 
4. Stephen ASLIN BC PM
5. Andrew ELDERFIELD VC Revolution
DNS Stephen CWIKLINSKI Yasumitsu Schlapp
time 12.602

1st 2nd & 3rd Places
2. Phil HOULTON NCRC2001
3. Tony BROOKS Brooks Cycles
time 12.223

35-39 Sprint Male
4th - 6th  
4. Tom BOULTON Finsbury Park CC
5. Simon PARKIN Heanor Clarion
6. Mark ROBINSON Royal Air Force CC
time 12.652

1st 2nd & 3rd Places
1. Ieuan WILLIAMS CC Cardiff
2. Marlon MONCRIEFFE Oakwood Racers CT
3. Adam ROBERTS Planet X
time 12.045

30-34 Sprint
3. & 4th Place
3. Jonathan COPP Sandy Wallace CC
4. Jamie STREATHER VC St Raphael
time 12.539

1st & 2nd Places
1. James TAYLOR Felt-Colbornes RT
2. Neil WITHINGTON VC St Raphael
time 11.931


3rd & 4th 
3. 45-49 Debbie CAPEWELL Brooks Cycles
4. 50+ Susan SMITH Stafford Road Club
time 14.646

1st & 2nd Places
1. 40-44 Janet BIRKMYRE Orbea - For Goodness Shakes
2. 40-44 Jeanette BAXTER Yasumitsu Schlapp
time 13.916

30-39 Female
3rd & 4th 
3. 30-34 Louise HASTON City of Edinburgh RC
4. 30-34 Julie DOMINGUEZ West Lothian Clarion
time 13.962

1st & 2nd Places
1. 35-39 Alison CHISHOLM Edinburgh RC
2. 30-34 Louise SATHERLEY Yasumitsu Schlapp
time 12.941