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Brooks Cycles Track League

Event: 24th June 2010; story posted June 29; from Chris Pyatt

It was the best night of racing seen this year at the Brooks Cycles Track league last Thursday with the joint best turn out of riders. Under warm blue skies, the racing was fast and furious with some new faces at the track for the first time this year which made the A Class racing very quick indeed. In the Keirin League Final, there was a blanket finish with the most improved rider of this year so far, Tom Powell (Newcastle RC 2001) winning in fine style.

Second place went to welcome visitor James Taylor (Felt-Colbornes RT) with another first time rider, Ian Cooper (Planet X) third. The ten mile Scratch was a great race with the pace fast throughout. This was shown as the riders went through the half way point in 10 minutes 10 seconds however with some cat and mouse riding in the second half the final, the time across the line was 20 minutes 45 seconds with Junior rider Declan Byrne breaking clear with three laps to go to win by 50 metres from a fast finishing James Notley of Goldtec RT and Jess Wieckowski of Team Nemesis.

Other class wins came from Matthew Rotherham, Sportcity Velo in the opening 10 lap Scratch and Oliver Davies of Dinnington RC in the Point’s race. The B Class events saw a complete domination by Ryan Whatmough (Shepherd Cycles) as he won all four events in the 8 lap Scratch, Devil, Points race and first B rider in the 10 mile Scratch. There was also a welcome return to form by track coach Martyn Shaw who placed second in the Devil and the Point’s race with a third in the 10 mile Scratch.

The Youth races saw a good spread of points across the field with league leader Joel Partington of Lyme RC top scoring with 7 points as he won the Devil and Scratch races. There was also a thrilling race in the block handicap as Paige Millward (Lyme RC) held on to take a well deserved win. Also of note was the winner of the 200m time trial, Louis Preston (Lyme RC) as he recorded a time of 12.3 seconds which is an impressive time for this first year youth A rider.
The night also saw the first all ladies race of the year with a fast finish by Jessica Crampton of Sportcity Velo taking the win. If numbers continue to be  good, these all ladies events will be run each week from now on.

The Freewheelers competition saw the numbers up from last week with nearly every rider recording a personal best time in the 200m time trial. Top points scorers of the night in each league were as follows;

Group 1 Joel Partington   Lyme RC
Group 2 Aleshia Mellor  Eastlands Velo
                Liam Zwetschnikow Lyme RC
Group 3 Emilia Brownson and Heidi Simpson Lyme RC

Photos: A selection of photos can be seen by clicking here:



Group 1
Race 1
1. Joel Partington  Lyme RC
2. Megan Wynn  Lyme RC
3. Sam Pattison  Lyme RC

Race 2
1. Joel Partington
2. Sam Pattison
3. Megan Wynn

Race 3
1. Megan Wynn
2. Joel Partington
3. Sam Pattison

Race 4
1. Joel Partington 
2. Megan Wynn 
3. Sam Pattison

Group 2

Race 1
1. James Duncalf  Lyme RC
2. Liam Zwetschnikow Lyme RC
3. Bradley Hill   Lyme RC

Race 2
1. Brandon McMillan Lyme RC
2. Aleshia Mellor  Eastlands Velo
3. Liam Zwetschnikow

Race 3
1. Aleshia Mellor
2. Brandon McMillan
3. Liam Zwetschnikow

Race 4
1. Bradley Hill
2. Liam Zwetschnikow
3. Aleshia Mellor

Group 3

Race 1
1. Dylan Brownson  Lyme RC
2. Ambrose Morris  Lyme RC
3. Olivia Braybrooke  Eastlands Velo

Race 2
1. Isabel Mellor
2. Emilia Brownson  Lyme RC
3. Ambrose Morris

Race 3
1. Heidi Simpson  Lyme RC
2. Emilia Brownson
3. Dylan Brownson

Race 4
1. Heidi Simpson
2. Emilia Brownson
3. Isabel Mellor

Race 5
1. Andrew Williams
2. Olivia Braybrooke
3. Ambrose Morris

Main League

Youth 200m TT
1. Louis Preston  Lyme RC
2. Sean Mayer   Lyme RC
3. George Edwards  Lyme RC

A Class 10 lap scratch
1. Matthew Rotherham Sportcity Velo
2. Paul Whatmough  Shepherd Cycles
3. Steve Clayton  Planet X

B Class 8 lap scratch
1. Ryan Whatmough  Shepherd Cycles
2. Phil Houlton  Newcastle RC 2001
3. Paul Askey   Lichfield CCC

Youth Block Handicap
1. Paige Millward  Lyme RC
2. Sallie Birchall  Lyme RC
3. Alex Braybrooke  Sportcity Velo

B Class Devil
1. Ryan Whatmough
2. Martyn Shaw  Lyme RC
3. Sam Birchall   Lyme RC

Ladies 4 lap scratch
1. Jessica Crampton  Sportcity Velo
2. Paige Millward
3. Katie Noakes  Sportcity Velo

Youth Devil
1. Joel Partington
2. George Edwards
3. Christian Braybrooke Sportcity Velo

Keiren League Final
1. Tom Powell   Newcastle RC 2001
2. James Taylor  Felt-Colbornes RT
3. Ian Cooper   Planet X
4. Phil Houlton  Newcastle RC 2001
5. Declan Byrne  Brooks Cycles
6. Adrian Adgar  Dinnington RC

B Class Points
1. Ryan Whatmough
2. Martyn Shaw
3. Neil Cummins  PM

A Class points
1. Oliver Davies  Dinnington RC
2. Declan Byrne
3. Alex Simmons  Lyme RC

Youth Scratch
1. Joel Partington
2. George Edwards
3. Louis Preston

10 Mile Scratch
1. Declan Byrne
2. James Notley  Goldtec RT
3. Jess Wieckowski  Team Nemesis

B Class
1. Ryan Whatmough
2. Neil Cummins
3. Martyn Shaw