Report: Revolution 27

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Report: Revolution 27

16th January 2010, Manchester Velodrome

Report: Eddie Allen | Images: Larry Hickmott | Event Website

Here's our event-by-event report from the 27th edition of the Revolution series, which once again saw a capacity crowd enjoy a fine night's racing on Manchester's boards.

Services Team Pursuit

The opening event of the evening saw the Fire Service pitted against the Police in a charity team pursuit challenge. The Police made a bad start with man four failing to get onto the back of the train. However, this didn't stop the boys in (red, white) and blue from giving it their all and really giving the tight fire-fighting foursome something to think about. However the firemen eventually took the win, just as commentator Hugh Porter ran out of Police and Fireman puns. A great way to start the evening, raising money for Help for Heroes, Care of Police Officers and The Fire Fighters' Charity - three very worthy causes.

1. Fire Service 4.46.257
2. Police 4.48.245

DHL Sprint School Keirin Final

The keirin final was the culmination of a full day of keirin racing, sponsored by DHL, and a great opportunity for the riders aged 12 to 16 to race in front of a capacity crowd.

As the race got underway, Adam Lewis fell on the opening lap as the riders formed up behind the Derny. Of the five remaining, Luke Boulton took first wheel behind the Derny and went on to win the race, narrowly beating a storming Ben Green.

1. Luke Boulton
2. Ben Green
3. C Swarbrick
4. Ted Bate
5. George Stevens

Motor Paced Scratch Race

First event proper of the night's proceedings was the Motor Paced Scratch race. Anticipation built as the Derny's speed increased, with big guns Geriant Thomas, Chris Newton and Andy Tennant showing their faces at the front in the opening stages. With six laps to go the Derny pulled off, leaving the bunch to fight it out. Newton made the first move, coming over the top as the bell tolled, immediately gapping the field. Tennant bridged and took the front, stringing the field out. With a lap to go Ed Clancy hit the front and went on to take the win ahead of Geriant Thomas, with Luke Rowe taking third.

1. Ed Clancy
2. Geraint Thomas
3. Luke Rowe
4. Andy Fenn
5. Adam Yates

Revolution Sprint - Men


1. Stefan Boetticher
2. Louis Oliva

German rider Stefan Boetticher claimed victory in the Men's sprint competition, beating Newport's Louis Oliva in the final denouement. Here's how the competition shaped up:

Round 1

Scottish rider Callum Skinner held off Frenchman Kevin Guillot in the opening heat of the sprint competition, taking it on from the front and holding on for the win. Heat 2 saw Junior National Keirin Champion Louis Oliva of Newport take the win from French Junior Sprint Champion Julien Palma. Heat 3 saw German rider Stefan Boetticher beat Kian Emadi to claim his place in the next round, while Heat four saw diminutive sprint sensation John Paul beat his burly rival Matt Rotherham to claim the final place in the Semis.

Through to the Semi Finals

Callum Skinner
Louis Oliva
Stefan Boetticher
John Paul

Semi Final

In Semi Final 1, Stefan Boetticher took the win against Callum Skinner, after a clever tactical ride from Edinburgh's Skinner, who was just pipped on the line by the fast-finishing German.

Semi Final two saw Junior 200m record holder John Paul take on Welsh rider Louis Oliva. After a cagey opening the two riders wound it up with Oliva taking the initial advantage. Paul looked out of the running on the back straight in the final lap but began to claw it back, inch by inch, and crossed the line seemingly level with Oliva, forcing a photo finish, with Oliva judged the winner by a slim 3cm.

Through to final
Stefan Boetticher
Louis Oliva

DHL Future Stars 6 Lap Dash - Boys

Tempo's Oliver Rossi took the win in a fast and furious six lap dash. Alex Minting went on an early attack but was swept up in the final few laps, which also saw two riders take a tumble on the back straight.

1. Oliver Rossi
2. Dan Maslin
3. Kyle Yaetes
4. Charlie Heffernan
5. Jordan Hargreaves

Revolution Sprint - Women


1. Christina Konsukle
2. Helen Scott

German rider Christina Konsukle took victory in the women's sprint, beating GB's Helen Scott in a closely fought final. The German junior rider dispatched Charlotte Joiner and her compatriot Charlott Ardnt to win her place in the final showdown with Scott. Here's how the women's sprint competition shaped up.

Round 1

Heat 1 saw Charlott Arndt hold off Victoria Williamson to secure her place in the Semis, while French rider Krystie Cyprien took Heat 2 from Cassie Gledhill. Heat 3 was taken by German rider Christina Konsukle, eliminating Charlene Joiner, while the final heat saw Helen Scott hold off Linda Michelini's late charge to take the last berth in the Semis.

Through to the Semi Finals
Charlott Arndt
Krystie Cyprien
Christina Konsukle
Helen Scott

Semi Final

Christina Konsukle beat Charlott Arndt in Semi Final 1, with the opponents choosing to forget cat-and-mouse and ride it like a kilo. It was a different kettle of fish in Semi Final 2, which saw Krystie Cyprien pitched against Brit Helen Scott in a battle of wit and sinew. Eventually Scott was forced high, but used the height to her advantage, diving down the banking, overhauling Cyprien and taking her place in the final.

Through to the final
Christina Konsukle
Helen Scott


Christina Konsukle took the final of the women's sprint from Helen Scott. Scott looked like she was in the running in the early stages, but the German rider finished strongly and took top honours, making it sprint win number two for the Germans.

3. Christina Konsukle
4. Helen Scott

DHL Future Stars Elimination - Girls

Harriot Owen took the opening DHL Girl's event, riding a canny race to avoid elimination and outsprinting the hard-riding series-leader Emily Kay, while Hannah Manley took third from Hannah Barnes, who, confusingly, persisted in the race after being announced as eliminated by commentator...

1. Harriot Owen
2. Emily Kay
3. Hannah Manley

Men's Points - 15km

Chris Newton took the Men's Points race in typical style, with a little help from teammate Geraint Thomas. Newton dominated the race from start to finish, as he has so many other Points races in his long and illustrious career. Here's how the race was won.

Newton took top points in sprint one, benefitting from a great leadout from Rollers teammates Geriant Thomas and Tim Kennaugh. Immediately after Sprint 1, Alastair Rutherford went away but didn't make it stick. The next attack came from Dean Downing and Pete Williams, provoking a response from the Rollers duo of Thomas and Tim Kennaugh, who reeled Downing and Williams in prior to Sprint 2. Right on cue, Newton appeared from nowhere and took 5 points and went away with four other riders, fragmenting the field. Sprint 3 came and saw Andy Tennant take 5 points, with Newton also scoring and maintaining his overall lead.

Overall points at half distance:

Newton (11), Tennant (8), Atkins (4), Jon Mould (3)

The race settled and regrouped as Sprint 4 approached and once again Thomas provided a leadout for Newton who took a further 5 points, stretching his overall lead to 8 points over second placed Tennant. Dean Downing leapt away alone straight after the sprint and whipped up the crowd before the bunch raised the tempo, swept Downing up and once again the canny Newton took top points and secured victory with one sprint still to go. Dean Downing continued to entertain, showboating at the top of the track and upstaging Pete Williams, who had mounted a lone breakaway. Williams' solo breakaway was not to be and he was reeled in with 3 laps to go. The final sprint came and Luke Rowe took the final 5 points. However, the final sprint was academic, with Newton having already sewn up the win.

1. Chris Newton 21 pts
2. Andy Tennant 10 pts
3. Luke Rowe 9 pts
4. George Atkins 7 pts
5. Tom Murray 5 pts

DHL Future Stars Points Race - Boys (5km)

Rob Lampton took the win in the Future Stars' Points in a tight race with Alistair Slater and Charlie Heffernan.

Luke Simpson was the first to rouse the crowd with a lone break in the opening laps. However Simpson was quickly overhauled as Sprint 1 approached, which was taken by Jack Penrice, with Alex Minting and Oliver Rossi (winner of the first Future Stars event) in close attendance. Charlie Heffernan was the next to launch a lone attack ahead of Sprint 2. Heffernan hung on for five points, with series leader Owain Doull scoring his first points. Four riders went away as the penultimate sprint came with Rob Lampton taking top points. With Lampton, Penrice and Heffernan tying for the lead it was going to be all down to the last sprint. In the end it was Lampton who leapt clear to take the final 5 points and the win.

1. Rob Lampton 10 pts
2. Alistair Slater 7 pts
3. Charlie Heffernan 5 pts
4. Jack Penrice 5 pts
5. Tom Gallagher 4 pts

DHL Future Stars Six Lap Dash - Girls

Emily Kay took the win in the Six Lap Dash, overhauling Harriot Owen who'd taken an early dig for victory, having won the first Future Stars girls event. The race also saw Ellie Gilham take a heavy fall in the final throes, but thankfully got back to her feet with Paramedics in attendance.

1. Emily Kay
2. Hannah Manley
3. Lucy Garner
4. Harriot Owen

1km Madison Time Trial

Tempo's duo of Ed Clancy and Andy Tennant comfortably topped the leaderboard in the perennial crowd-pleaser of the Madison Time Trial, beating their nearest rivals Slicks by more than 2 seconds. Since the inception of the Revolution Series, the Madison 1km TT has been a firm fixture, and Clancy has figured strongly throughout.

1. Tempo (Ed Clancy & Andy Tennant) 56.235
2. Slicks (Luke Rowe & Sam Harrison) 58.405
3. Rollers (Chris Newton & Geriant Thomas) 58.824
4. Pacers (George Atkins & Chris Whorral) 58.950
5. Forza (Rob Hayles & Dan Maclay) 59.053
6. Dynamo (Adam Yates & Andy Fenn) 59.272
7. Flyers (Mark Christian & Simon Yates) 1.00.127
8. Vitesse (Tom Murray & Peter Williams) 1.00.870

Men's Keirin

Stefan Boetticher was once again in the limelight, taking victory in the keirin event. As the race got underway it was Matt Rotherham who took up pole position behind the derny, with Julien Palma slotting in behind. Kian Emadi came over the top as the derny peeled off but he was overcome by Stefan Botticher, Kevin Guillot and Julien Palma in the final 250 metres.

1. Stefan Boetticher
2. Kevin Guillot
3. Julien Palma
4. Kian Emadi
5. Callum Skinner

DHL Future Stars Elimination - Boys

Oliver Rossi took his second race of the evening, taking the eliminator under strong pressure from series leader Owain Doull, while winner of the Point's race, Rob Lampton, completed the final trio.

1. Oliver Rossi
2. Owain Doull
3. Rob Lampton

Women's Keirin

Helen Scott was on fire, taking the Women's Keirin with style having already qualified for the Women's Sprint Final. She was closely followed by Michelini of France, but never looked troubled from the moment she hit the nitro button.

1. Helen Scott
2. Linda Michelini
3. Charlott Arndt
4. Cassie Gledhill
5. Victoria Williamson

DHL Future Stars Girls Points Race

Emily Kay cemented her position as series leader with a command performance in the Future Stars Girls Points race, taking three sprints on her way to victory and more than doubling the points tally of her nearest rival, Harriot Owen. With just one Revolution to go, the young rider from Halesowen is looking very strong.

1. Emily Kay 15 pts
2. Harriot Owen 6 pts
3. Hannah Barnes 5 pts
4. Hannah Layland 4 pts
5. Amy Roberts 3 pts

Manchester Evening News Men's Scratch Race

Tim Kennaugh took victory in the scratch race, building on a strong performance from Rollers in the endurance events. The first and decisive move of the race saw Adam Duggleby, Tim Kennaugh and Simon Yates break away and go for the lap. Duggleby dropped away leaving Yates and Kennaugh to gain a lap with 19 laps left to race. Pete Williams was the next to try and escape but gave up after a few laps. As the laps ticked down it became too late for anyone else to mount a challenge, so it was to be a two-horse race between Kennaugh and Yates. However in the final laps, Yates became boxed-in behind Kennaugh who, like Newton in the Points race, benefitted from a great lead-out from teammate Geriant Thomas and took the win.

1. Tim Kennaugh
2. Simon Yates
3. Geriant Thomas
4. Mark Christian

Men's Team Sprint

Revolution 27 concluded with two invitational team sprint challenges, pitting upcoming GB sprinters against continental challengers. The men were up first, with the GB team of John Paul, Kian Emadi and Louis Oliva just pipped by the strong continental team.

1. France/Germany 47.275
2. Great Britain 48.184

Women's Team Sprint

In the women's competition it was once again a continental team who took the top spot, with the German pairing of Charlott Arndt and Christina Konsukle posting the fastest time and rounding up another evening of fine racing.

1. Germany (Arndt, Konsukle) 36.283
2. GB (Joiner, Scott) 37.445
3. France (Cyprien, Michelini) 37.385