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Welwyn Track League Final for 2009

4th September, 2009; Thanks to Peter Waghorn

As ever there was a good turn out of riders for the final meeting of this years Welwyn Track League as prize money was paid out after the final event. The brisk breeze did not deter the riders from positive attacking riding with the photo finish camera required in a number of events to sort out the minor places.

Rod Kelson who recently returned to racing showed good form in winning the Group B senior 10 lap scratch from David Mills (returning from injury) and local Welwyn ride Neil Rutter. The 10 lap Block Pursuit saw the even numbered group show greater cohesion and they lapped the opposition with a lap to go – Mills winning from Rutter and Eric Gowland.

John McClelland won the opening Group A 10 lap scratch from Bryan Taylor and Joel Stewart. The 10 lap Block Handicap was run at a frantic pace with the field coming together in the final laps. Tim Reads bid for glory was wiped out with 300m to go – Joel Stewart won and the camera was needed to sort out the places between John McClelland, Adam Roberts and George Olive.

A brief shower delayed proceedings for 30 minutes resulting in a shortened programme for all categories with the normal four rides per meeting reduced to three. In the various youth categories, Alan Trolove extended his lead in the Youth A/B series while Joseph Fry was the runanway winner of the B/C group but was pushed hard in the later part of the series by Ollie Fensom from Spalding.

The strongest group numerically were the C/D/E group with 15 riders for the final shoot out. Max Chambers won the opening 3 lap Scratch from fast finishing Daniel Maynard -  Harry Durkin won the 3 lap Handicap while Max Chambers notched up his second win of the evening taking the handicap Devil from Connor Woodford  and Michael Parry.

The final senior10 mile set off at breakneck speed and with 20 laps to go the field had been decimated. A 4-up break of Joel Stewart, Alex Wise, Bryan Taylor and Tony Moye built up an ever increasing lead and with eight laps remaining, they had lapped all the remaining riders who were now in discreet groups of four with only a handful or riders left on the track. Joel Stewart went away from the break with five laps to go and finished half a lap ahead in the fastest time this year of 20-59 with Bryan Taylor beating Tony Moye at the line for second and Alex Wise fourth.

A good finish to an excellent season of racing with strong and growing support in the three youth categories which augurs well for the future of the sport.


10 lap Scr A
1. John McClelland (Agiskoviner )
2. Bryan Taylor (VC Londres)
3. Joel Stewart (Agiskoviner) 

10 lap Scr B
1. Rod Kelson (North Road)
2. David Mills (Spirit RT)
3. Neil Rutter  (Welwyn Whs)

10 lap Block Pursuit  B 
1. David Mills (Spirit RT)
2. Neil Rutter (Welwyn Whs)
3. Eric Gowland (Cambridge)

10 lap Block Handicap A
1. Joel Stewart (Agiskoviner)
2. John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
3. Adam Roberts (Planet X)
10 mile
1. Joel Stewart (Agiskoviner)
2. Bryan Taylor (VC Londres)
3. Tony Moye (CC Luton)
4. Alex Wise (Agiskoviner)

Youth A/B
5 lap scr
1. Alan Trolove (West Suffolk Whs)
2. Ryan Owens (Welwyn Whs)
3. Ollie Plumley (Welwyn Whs)

1. George Bateman (Welwyn Whs)
2. Alan Trolove (West Suffolk)
3. Ryan Owens (Welwyn Whs)

5 lap Points
1. Alan Trolove (West Suffolk)
2. Ollie Plumley (Welwyn Whs)
3. George Bateman (Welwyn Whs)

Youth B/C
4 lap scr
1. Joseph Fry (Welwyn Whs)
2. Ollie Fensom (Spalding)
3. Archie Wishart (Welwyn Whs)

1. Joseph Fry (Welwyn Whs)
2. Archie Wishart (Welwyn Whs)
3. Kirsten Savage (Hillingdon)

1. Joseph Fry (Welwyn Whs)
2. Ollie Fensom (Spalding)
3. Archie Wishart (Welwyn Whs)

Youth C/D/E
3 lap Scratch
1. Max Chambers (Welwyn Whs)
2. Daniel Maynard (CC Ashwell) 
3. Connor Woodford (Hillingdon)

3 lap Handicap
1. Harry Durkin  (Welwyn Whs) 
2. Connor Woodford (Hillingdon)
3. William Raymond (Welwyn Whs)

4 lap Handicap/Devil
1. Max Chambers (Welwyn Whs)
2. Connor Woodford (Hillingdon)
3. Michael Parry (Welwyn Whs)