Day 3 European Masters Track Cycling Championships

Day 3 European Masters Track Cycling Championships

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2009 - European Masters Track Cycling Championships

Day 3 – Wednesday 29th July

Lots of sprint action in the two Points races held on the evening of day 3. Click here for a slideshow of the nights racing

Men 30 – 34 Years Sprint

A lively final saw Vincent Kerfourn of France move up from Bronze last year when he beat Italy's Cristian Bettenelli in straight rides 11.902 and 11.847. The Bronze was settled when Miles Stovold beat fellow GB rider Neil Withington 12.263 and 12.592

1. Vincent Kerfourn, France
2. Cristian Bettinelli, Italy
3. Miles Stovold, Great Britain     

Men 35 – 39 Years Sprint

2008 Champion Lee Povey of Great Britain lost his 2008 title to John McClelland in 2 straight rides 11.796 and 12.984. Last year, hampered by previous crash injuries, McClelland went out in qualifying, but this year there was no repeat as he posted the third fastest time. Germany's Olaf Schnaar took the Bronze, beating Ireland's Keith Meghen in 11.796 and 12.984

1. John McClelland, Great Britain
2. Lee Povey, Great Britain
3. Olaf Schnaar, Germany

Men 40 – 44 Years Points Race

Wolfgang Kotzmann of Austria took full advantage of his first event in this category after taking the 35-39 title last year when he dominated this 80 lap event with France's Jean-Philippe Meret. Kotzman scoring 70 to Meret's 63. Between them the pair technically amassed 133 of the 289 points on offer for the events sprints as they gained two laps. Giueseppe Ravasio of Italy retained his 2008 Bronze medal.

1. Wolfgang Kotzmann, Austria
2. Jean-Philippe Meret, France,
3. Giueseppe Ravasio, Italy

Three riders who took a lap early on including Science in Sport rider Andrew Tinsley who finished 4th, two points from a medal. Click here for a slideshow of the nights racing

Journalist and author, WIll Fotheringham was 5th in the Points race. Will has a new book out called Fallen Agenel (The Passion of Fausto Coppi) by Yello Jersey publishers.

Men 45 – 49 Years Points Race
With two of the three 2008 medallists having not entered this year, the title was up for grabs and Great Britains Colin Parkinson obliged willingly when he beat fellow Brit Stephen Clayton 17 points to Claytons 15.  Last years Silver medallist Claus Christian had to settle for Bronze this time with 14 points.

1. Colin Parkinson,      Great Britain
2. Sylvain Abadie, France
3. Claus Christiansen, Denmark

Men 50 – 54 Years Pursuit

Great Britain’s Graham Barclay defended his 2008 title when he beat countryman Jimmy Rutherford to the Gold medal 2.24.937 to Rutherford's 2.30.565. France's Didier Ramet took the Bronze when he beat ItaIian Andrea Neri 2.33.317 to 2.35.224

1. Graham Barclay, Great Britain
2. James Rutherford, Great Britain
3. Didier Ramet, France

Men 55 – 59 Years Pursuit

Having to compete in the shadow of Frenchman Gerard Louis Robert for the past few years, Great Britains Steve Davies made no mistake in claiming first place as he beat Ian Humphreys into Sliver 2.26.740 to 2.27.611. Andy Laing, also of Great Britain took the Bronze with 2.37.009 against France's Partick Samson.

1. Steve Davies, Great Britain
2. Ian Humphreys, Great Britain
3. Andy Laing, Great Britain

Men 60 – 64 Years Pursuit

France's Gerard Louis Robert continued his relentless campaign when he beat last years Champion, Kevin Gill of Great Britain to the Gold with 2.27.646 to Gill's 2.35.546. In the ride off for Bronze, Graham Truelove of Great Britain took the verdict against Michel Briat of France, 2.38.807 to 2.43.640

1. Gerard Louis Robert, France
2. Kevin Gill,  Great Britain
3. Graham Truelove, Great Britain

Women 30 – 39 Years Sprint

Alison Chisholm suffered a second round crash on her way to the Gold after only placing third in 2008, when she beat last years Champion Christelle Ribault of France 13.838 and 13.620. Bronze was taken by Germany's Sabrina Hucks when she beat Caroline Gammel 13.888 and 13.869

1. Alison Chisholm, Great Britain
2. Christelle Ribault, France
3. Sabrina Hucks, Germany

A field of 23 riders for the final of the Men's  40-44 Points  race. Click here for a slideshow of the nights racing

Medal Standings after Day 3

Great Britain    12, 15, 14
France             10, 4, 5
Germany           2, 3, 2
Denmark           2, 0, 1
Austria              1, 0, 0
Italy                   0, 3, 2,
Ireland               0, 1, 0
Finland              0, 0, 1
Greece             0, 0, 1

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