Day 2 - 2009 European Masters Track Cycling Championships

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2009 - European Masters Track Cycling Championships

Day 2 – Tuesday 28th July

Men 70 Plus Years Sprint
Moving up an age group from last year, Peter Tranberg continued his first day success by taking his second gold medal as he triumphed in taking Otto Altweck of Germany in 2 straight rides, 14.374 and 13.919. Britain’s Brian Dacey, the 2008 Champion had to settle for bronze by beating Derek Thurrell, 15.153 and 14.897

1. Peter Tranberg, Denmark
2. Otto Altweck, Germany
3. Brian Dacey, Great Britain

Men 65-69 Years Sprint
Frenchman Roland Rolleau and Britain’s Peter Smith started an evening of exciting and sometimes contentious sprinting when the Frenchman took the Bronze in 13.697 and 13.624 after both were warned in the first heat for the medal. The Gold by comparison was a more straight forward affair as Geoff Cooke of Great Britain took the title against the 2008 winner Guido Lupo of Italy in two rides 13.546 and 14.680

1. Geoff Cooke, Great Britain 
2. Guido Lupo, Italy
3. Roland Rolleau, France

Men 60 – 64 Years Sprint
Graziano Pantosti of Italy had to settle for Silver for the second year running as Gerard Louis Robert of France continued his Gold medal haul when he took the Italian in 13.593 and 13.133. Great Britain’s Sandy Wallace won a close competition against fellow countryman Geoff Brandt in 13.294 and 13.611

1. Gerard Louis Robert, France
2. Graziano Pantosti, Italy
3. Sandy Wallace, Great Britain   

Men 45 – 49 Years Sprint
2008 Champion Phillippe Vernet continued the trend of exiting sprint events when his tussle with Great Britain’s Jim Varnish resulted in another Gold with a storming 11.809 and 11.563 seconds! The Bronze competition was also a close run affair when Martin Stephens took the medal as he won heat 1 in 12.033, only for Ivor Reid to counter with 12.110. Stephens eventually got the better of the Scotsman in the third heat with 12.276

1. Phillippe Vernet, France
2. Jim Varnish, Great Britain
3. Martin Stephens, Great Britain

Men 40 – 44 Years Sprint
Watching this competition, you could be forgiven for not realising the fact that Achen Aggar and Jean-Paul Benvenuto are countrymen, never has the entire width of the Manchester track been used as much!  Aggar actually won all three rides in the final, but the second heat saw him relegated for riding down on his opponent but in the deciding race his 11.843 was enough to secure the Gold and retain his 2008 title. The all Great Britain bronze ride saw Andrew Tranter triumph against David Jack, 12.519 and 12.487

1. Achen Aggar, France
2. Jean-Paul Benvenuto, France
3. Andrew Tranter, Great Britain

Women 50 Plus Years Time Trial
Germany's Petra Kluender stormed to victory in the Womens 50+ TT with a new European record for this event with 41.552. Christine Higgs of Great Britain and Arja Scarsbrook of Finland took the Sliver and Bronze with 43.718 and 43.951 respectively

1. Petra Kluender, Germany
2. Christine Higgs, Great Britain
3. Arja Scarsbrook, Finland     

Women 40 – 49 Years Time Trial
Janet Birkmyre continued her 100% record in European events when her 38.134 for the 500mm Womens TT was over 3 seconds too quick for fellow Brit Jeanette Baxter with 41.388. A resurgent Cheryl Owens took her first European medal when she narrowly missed out on Silver by just over 2 tenths of a second, taking the Bronze.

1. Janet Birkmyre, Great Britain 
2. Jeanette Baxter, Great Britain
3. Cheryl Owens, Great Britain     

Women 30 – 39 Years Time Trial
Alison Chisholm retained her 2008 title as she again beat last years Silver medallist Siobhan Mullan with 37.904 setting a new European record in the process.  Mullan's 39.431 was enough to see France's Christelle Ribault who required paramedic treatment after her points race win the previous evening into Bronze with 40.553

1. Alison Chisholm, Great Britain
2. Sibohan Mullan, Great Britain
3. Christelle Ribault, France

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France       8, 1, 4
Britain        7, 11, 11
Germany,  2, 3, 0
Denmark   2, 0, 0
Italy           0, 2, 1
Ireland      0, 1, 0
Greece    0, 0, 1
Finland     0, 0, 1