Mid-Summer Open Track Meeting

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Mid-Summer Open Track Meet

June 21, 2009; Newcastle Under Lyme

Although some rain slowed proceedings down at the start of the event, things soon warmed up and there was some fantastic racing down at the Newcastle under Lyme track. The big event of the day was the Brian Rourke Cycles National Sprinters League, one of only four this year.

Local boy Kian Emadi of Brian Rourke Cycles, still only a Junior, rode a brilliant 200m time trial to qualify fastest and then went on to come second overall in his own sponsors event. Chris Pritchard of Yasumitsu Schlapp won the event in the two up final whilst in the minor final, Steven Hill of Brooks Cycles won from young John Paul (Team Terminator) while 5th was Dave Readle of SIS.com. Sixth was Luc Jones (New Tredegar Nomads).

In the other National Series event, the 20km Endurance League 20km, five riders broke away towards the end of the race and stayed away despite a fast chase from the large group behind. Bryan Taylor of VC Londres jumped away with a lap to go to win from local rider Andrew Magnier of Planet X. Again Kian Emadi of Brian Rourke Cycles showed that he is not just a sprint specialist to come third.

In the www.velodrome.org.uk Sprint Championship final, Ben Elliott (VC St Raphael) beat John McClelland (Agiskoviner.com) while third was John Williams (Edinburgh RC).

Mid-Summers Open Track Meet - Newcastle Under Lyme, Sunday, 21st June 2009

Brian Rourke Cycles Sprinters League

Flying 200metres

Kian Emadi 11.22
Steven Hill 11.23
Luc Jones 11.43
Chris Pritchard 11.44
Dave Readle 11.50
John Paul 11.53
Jody Cundy 11.56
Lee Povey 11.68
Jamie Bremner 11.84
Tom Gregory 11.84
Michael Mulcahy 11.93
Matthew Rotherham 12.06
Tom Baker 12.08
Ben Elliott 12.09
Keith Williams 12.28
Rhys Thomos 12.38
Ivor Reid 12.43
Tony Brooks 12.84
Josepth Wood 12.93
Amaury Hernandez 13.03
Andrew Donovan 13.09

1st Round
Heat 1 1st Kian Emadi beat Matthew Rotherham & Lee Povey 12.13
Heat 2 1st Steven Hill beat Michael Mulcahy & Jody Cundy 11.60
Heat 3 1st Luc Jones beat Tom Gregory & John Paul 11.84
Heat 4 1st Chris Pritchard beat Jamie Bremner & Dave Readle 12.35

1st Round Repercharge
Rep Heat 1 1st John Paul beat Lee Povey, Jody Cundy, Jamie Bremner. 12.50
Rep Heat 2 1st Dave Readle beat Tom Gregory , Matthew Rotherham, Michael Mulcahy. 11.97

2nd Round
Heat 1 1st Chris Pritchard beat Steven Hill, John Paul. 11.76
Heat 2 1st Kian Emadi beat Dave Readle. 11.54 (Luc Jones Crashed out)
Brian Rourke Cycles Sprinters League Final
1st Chris Pritchard~Yasumitsu Schlapp in 11.92
2nd Kian Emadi~Brian Rourke Cycles

Brian Rourke Cycles Sprinters League - Minor Final
3rd Steven Hill~Brooks Cycles in 11.53 sec
4th John Paul~Team Terminator
5th Dave Readle~SIS.com
6th Luc Jones~New Tredegar Nomads

'B' Sprint – The “www.velodrome.org.uk” Sprint Championship
Heat 1 1st Tom Baker beat Jonney Beers, Paul Gittins, Dave Smith 13.00sec
Heat 2 1st Ben Elliott beat Phillip Braybrooke, Cassie Glendhill, Jamie Streather 13.96
Heat 3 1st Richard Kennedy beat Keith Williams, Trevor Burke, John Williams 13.47
Heat 4 1st Rhys Thomos beat Melissa Bury, John McClelland, Neil Worthington 12.69
Heat 5 1st Steve Cronshaw beat Ivor Reid, Ben McCullough Young, Jess Anderson 12.44
Heat 6 1st Tony Brooks beat Steve Davies, David Neill, Emily Kay 13.00
Heat 7 1st George Olive beat Josepth Wood, John Duggan 12.54
Heat 8 1st Amaury Hernandez beat Cheryl Owens 14.38
Heat 9 1st Julian Pearson beat Anselma Gallinat, Anselma Gallinat 13.96

Round 1. Repercharge.
heat 1 1st Jonney Beers 13.28 sec
Heat 2 1st Neil Worthington 12.84
Heat 3 1st Ivor Reid 13.11
Heat 4 1st John McClelland 14.50
Heat 5 1st Andrew Donovan 13.75
Heat 6 1st Ben McCullough Young 13.25
Heat 7 1st Keith Williams 13.31
Heat 8 1st Trevor Burke 13.22
Heat 9 1st John Williams 12.72

Round 2.
Heat 1 1st John McClelland beat Steve Cronshaw, Amaury Hernandez 12.91 sec
Heat 2 1st Julian Pearson beat Rhys Thomos, Andrew Donovan
Heat 3 1st Ben Elliott beat George Olive, Keith Williams 12.68
Heat 4 1st John Williams beat Tom Baker, Ben McCullough Young 13.11
Heat 5 1st Ivor Reid beat Tony Brooks, Trevor Burke 12.70
Heat 6 1st Neil Worthington beat Richard Kennedy, Jonney Beers 13.59

Round 2. Repercharge.
Heat 1 1st Amaury Hernandez beat Andrew Donovan, Trevor Burke, Jonney Beers 12.18
Heat 2 1st Steve Cronshaw beat Tony Brooks, Keith Williams 12.20
Heat 3 1st, George Olive beat Rhys Thomos, Richard Kennedy 12.48

Round 3
Heat 1 1st Ben Elliott 2nd George Olive 3RD Neil Worthington 12.25
Heat 2 1st John Williams 2nd Ivor Reid 3RD Steve Cronshaw 12.17
Heat 3 1st John McClelland 2nd Amaury Hernandez 3RD Julian Pearson 12.12

The “www.velodrome.org.uk” Sprint Championship Final
1st Ben Elliott~VC St Raphael 12.41
2nd John McClelland~Agiskoviner.com
3rd John Williams~Edinburgh RC

The “www.velodrome.org.uk” Sprint Championship Minor Final
4th George Olive ~ VC St Raphael
5th Ivor Reid~Clachnacuddin CC
6th Amaury Hernandez~Puerto Rico - South America

‘Bourne Sports’ Women & B’s - 12 Lap Scratch
1st Julian Pearson~Sportcity Velo
2nd Ivor Reid~Clachnacuddin CC
3rd Luke Bolton~Sport City Velo
‘A’ Endurance Riders 10 Lap Course–de-Primes
Stephen Clayton~Lichfield City CC
Alan Peet~VC St Raphael
Dominic Jelfs~Wyre Forest CRC
Dominic Jelfs~Wyre Forest CRC
Declan Byrne~Brooks Cycles
Declan Byrne~Brooks Cycles
Declan Byrne~Brooks Cycles
Adrian Adgar~Go sports spex RT
John McClelland~Agiskoviner.com

Overall Winner -Declan Byrne~Brooks Cycles

’ B’s Men Only Devil take the Hindmost
1st Tom Gregory~Halesowen
2nd Steve Davies~Ferryhill Wheelers
3rd Alex Simmons~Lyme RC

 ‘A’ Endurance Riders Points Race- 10 Laps
1st Andrew Magnier~Planet X
2nd Robert Lambton~Brooks Cycles
3rd Dominic Jelfs~Wyre Forest CRC

Sprinters Win & Out
1st Tom Gregory~Halesowen
2nd Matthew Rotherham~Sport City Velo
3rd Jamie Sreather~VC St Raphael

Women & B Men riders Only Win & Out
1st Emily Kay~Halesowen A&CC
2nd Dane Walker~Loughborough Students CC
3rd Luke Bolton~Sport City Velo

‘A’ Endurance Riders - Devil take the Hindmost
1st Bryan Taylor~VC Londres
2nd Andrew Magnier~Planet X
3rd Adrian Adgar~Go sports spex RT

Event 23 Women & B’s 10 Lap Course–de-Primes
Richard Kennedy~Chesterfield Coureurs
Ben McCullough Young~City of Edinburgh RC
Alex Simmons~Lyme RC
Luke Bolton~Sport City Velo
Alex Simmons~Lyme RC
Luke Bolton~Sport City Velo
Alex Simmons~Lyme RC
Luke Bolton~Sport City Velo
Luke Bolton~Sport City Velo

Overall Winner Luke Bolton~Sport City Velo

20km Scratch Race - 50 Laps in 27min 27sec
1st Bryan Taylor~VC Londres
2nd Andrew Magnier~Planet X
3rd Kian Emadi~Brian Rourke Cycles
4th John McClelland~Agiskoviner.com
5th Simon Lewis~VC Londres

Youth Riders A & B Boys
1. Tom Canning Halesowen A&CC U16
2. Ted Bate Halesowen A&CC U16
3. Joe Turner Eastlands Velo U16
4. Samuel Francks Halesowen A&CC U14
5. Samuel Birchall Lyme RC U14
6. Jacob James Newcastle RC U16
7. Cristian Braybrooke Sportcity Velo U14
8. Alex Taylor Eastlands Velo U14

Under 16
1st Tom Canning
2nd Ted Bate
3rd Joe Turner

Under 14
1st Samuel Francks
2nd Samuel Birchall
3rd Cristian Braybrooke
4th Alex Taylor

Youth Riders A & B Girls + Youth C
Joel Partington Eastlands Velo U12
Katie Noakes Eastlands Velo U16G
Leone Davis Newcastle RC U14G
Imogen Crooks Lyme RC / Swinnerton Cycles U14
Page Milward Lyme RC U12
Thomos Rotherham Eastlands Velo U12
Matthew Braybrooke Sportcity Velo U10

1st Joel Partington
2nd Katie Noakes
3rd Leone Davis

1st Girl Katie Noakes

1st U14 Leone Davis
2nd U14 Imogen Crooks

1st U12 Joel Partington
2nd U12 Page Milward
3rd U12 Thomos Rotherham

1st U10 Matthew Braybrooke