Week 5 Brooks Cycles Track League

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Week 5 Brooks Cycles Track League

May 28, 2009; Newcastle, Staffs
Thanks to Chris Pyatt

It was a glorious sunny warm evening at week 5 of the Brooks Cycles Track League at Newcastle, Staffs. As a result of this the attendance was high with an impressive 18 riders competing in the A Class events. The second round of the Keiren League saw six riders line up for the final. As the motor bike pulled off there was a mass charge for the line with Brooks Cycles teammates Declan Byrne and Robert Lambton battling it out for the win. In a close finish Declan just got the verdict by a tyres width and World Master Champion Steve Cronshaw in third place.

In the A Class events, the highlight event of the night was the 10 mile scratch. This turned out to be the fastest 10 mile seen at the track for a few years with the pace consistently fast throughout. A group of eight riders contested the final sprint with Declan Byrne winning from a fast finishing Robert Lambton. The time for the race was a quick 21 minutes 10 seconds. With this win Declan took his points total to 9 for the night and this helped to extend his overall lead in the league table.

In the B Class events, first time track league rider Matt Gee rode superbly to win three individual events and he was also a member of the winning team sprint. This was taken him straight to fifth place in the B league table and so he is now a genuine contender for the overall title. Of note was the performance of 14 years old Sam Birchall who rode the final 10 mile event and he finished in a fine third place.

The night also saw the first all ladies event of the season with a 600m handicap. In a close finish, first time league rider Ann Robinson held on from her long mark to take a great win from a closing fast Suzanne Longstaff in second and Sarah Byrne in third. The youth league is developing in to a good contest with Sam Birchall and Joel Partington top scoring on the night with 8 points each. All riders in the youth events are performing superbly displaying excellent track skills which have been taught to them by the coaching team at the Monday and Tuesday night training sessions.  

The Freewheelers League saw an excellent turnout of 22 riders, which was impressive considering it was the school holidays. There was some close finishes witnessed by the supporting parents. After the three groups had contested the four races each the top points scorers were as follows;

Group 1, Joel Partington, Eastlands Velo with 10 points,
Group 2, Josh Davis, Newcastle Rc 2001 with 9 points
Group 3 Oscar Crooks Lyme RC with 7 points.


Group 1
Race 1
1st  George Edwards    Lyme RC / Swinnerton Cycles
2nd  Joel Partington    Eastlands Velo
3rd  Archie Scott    Lyme RC / Swinnerton Cycles

Race 2
1st  Charlotte Houlton      Newcastle Rc 2001/Poly Print/Modern Glass
2nd  Joel Partington
3rd  George Edwards

Race 3
1st  Joel Partington
2nd   Archie Scott
3rd  Charlotte Houlton

Race 4
1st  George Edwards
2nd  Joel Partington
3rd  Archie Scott

Group 2

Race 1
1st  Sallie Birchall  Lyme RC / Swinnerton Cycles
2nd  Ashley Williams  Lyme RC / Swinnerton Cycles
3rd  Luke Mansfield  Newcastle RC 2001/Poly Print/Modern Glass

Race 2
1st  Josh Davis    Newcastle RC 2001/Poly Print/Modern Glass
2nd  Dominic Gregory Lyme RC/Swinnerton Cycles
3rd  Megan Wynn  Lyme RC/ Swinnerton Cycles

Race 3
1st  Megan Wynn
2nd  Josh Davis
3rd  Dominic Gregory

Race 4
1st  Josh Davis
2nd  Dominic Gregory
3rd  Luke Mansfield 

Group 3

Race 1
1st  Oscar Crooks    Lyme RC/Swinnerton Cycles
2nd  Aleshia Mellor
3rd  Liam Zwetschnikow  Lyme RC/Swinnerton Cycles

Race 2
1st  Oscar Crooks
2nd  Harrison Barber
3rd  Holly Mulroy

Race 3
1st  Liam Zwetschnikow
2nd  Bradley Hill    Lyme RC/ Swinnerton Cycles
3rd  Brandon McMillan  Lyme RC/Swinnerton Cycles

Race 4
1st  Georgina Clewlow  Lyme RC/ Swinnerton Cycles
2nd  Bradley Hill
3rd  Sophie Purton    Lyme RC/Swinnerton Cycles


Youth 400m Standing Start
1st  Sam Birchall    Lyme RC/Swinnerton Cycles
2nd  Alex Taylor      Eastlands Velo
3rd  Imogen Crooks    Lyme RC/Swinnerton Cycles

A Class Unknown distance
1st  Declan Byrne    Brooks Cycles
2nd  Adrian Adgar    Go Sport Spex RT
3rd  Sam Lowe      Go Sport Spex RT

B Class Unknown Distance
1st  Matt Gee    Lichfield CCC
2nd  Phil Houlton  Newcastle RC 2001/poly Print/Modern Glass
3rd  Ian Moore    Deeside Olympic

Keirin Series
1st  Declan Byrne
2nd  Robert Lambton  Brooks Cycles
3rd  Steve Cronshaw  Brereton Wheelers
4th  Sam Lowe    Go Sport Spex RT
5th  Tom Powell    Newcastle RC 2001/Poly Print/Modern Glass
6th  Alan Peet    VC St Raphael

B Class Team Sprint
1st  Ann Robinson  Brereton Wheelers
  Joffie Houlton  Newcastle RC 2001/Poly Print/Modern Glass
  Joe Turner    Eastlands velo
  Sarah Byrne  PM
  Phil Houlton
  Neil Clarke    PM
  Matt Gee

Youth Sprint Final
1st  Joel Partington
2nd  Sam Birchall
3rd  Imogen Crooks

Minor Final
1st  Leone Davis  Newcastle RC 2001/Poly Print/Modern Glass

B Class devil
1st  Matt Gee
2nd  Neil Clarke
3rd  Sarah Byrne

Ladies 600m H’cap
1st  Ann Robinson
2nd  Suzanne Longstaff
3rd  Sarah Byrne

Youth Scratch
1st  Sam Birchall
2nd  Joel Partington
3rd  Leone Davis

A Class Points
1st  James Notley  PM
2nd  Tom Lowe    Go Sport Spex RT
3rd  Andrew Jackson  Go Sport Spex RT

Youth 1000m H’cap
1st  Joel Partington
2nd  Leone Davis
3rd  Alex Taylor

A Class 10 Mile Scratch     Time 21 mins 10 secs
1st  Declan Byrne
2nd  Robert Lambton
3rd  Steve Clayton    Lichfield CCC

B Class 10 Mile
1st  Matt Gee
2nd  Joe Turner
3rd  Sam Birchall