Bremen Six: Report from the penultimate night

Bremen Six: Report from the penultimate night

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Bremen Six Day
Event: 12-17 January 2012
Location: Bremen, Germany
Report: Matt Winston
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Day 5 (Monday) at the Bremen six day saw the busiest night for crowds with the track centre absolutely packed and the hall where the main stage is shut by police due to overcrowding.

Lewis Oliva being interviewed following his keirin win

The first event for the British sprinters once again was the flying lap and first up was Lewis Oliva. It was clear from the outset that all the sprinters had upped their game this evening to impress the large crowd that were only too happy to cheer them on. The times were all pretty quick but it was the last man and leader of the omnium Philipp Thiele who all eyes were on, he came down the home straight fast to hear the sound of the bell, coming out of corner two he apparently clipped his pedal on the track and went down hard rolling his tub in the process.

He was clearly in a lot of pain but got up and waved to the crowd. He asked to go again after the next elite race and back up he went. Once again having a very fast entry speed but down the back straight his rear tub managed to blow out and he rolled across the line very annoyed and in last position.

Sebastian Dohrer 9.131
Kian Emadi 9.136
John Paul 9.197
Lewis Oliva 9.279
Max Niederlag 9.287
Philipp Thiele 10.590

Due to Philipp having two attempts at the flying lap and ending in the 4th – 6th final the organizsrs decided to run the 1st – 3rd final beforehand. Kian Emadi controlled the race from start to finish riding from the front and running out a comfortable victor to take the win in the match sprint competition for the evening. Sebastian Dohrer crossed the line in second place with John Paul in third.

It was the 4th – 6th final that proved to be the most exciting with Lewis Oliva flying out of the blocks for the four lap match sprint, this caught Max Niederlag and Philipp Thiele well off guard and they had a furious chase on their hands. Max Niederlag had to dig very deep and at one point it looked like Oliva would hold on but the German train was coming from behind and Max Niederlag just took the win on the finishing line from Lewis Oliva with Philipp Thiele clearly in pain finishing in sixth place.

The next event was the keirin and a chance for the Germans to get a win under their belts after Kian Emadi’s dominate performance in the sprint. Sebastian Dohrer took up the charge at the front after a battle with Kian Emadi for the derny bike. Once the derny pulled out of the race the British stormed the front with Emadi, Oliva and Paul all rushing to be in the front three, from there it was a strong lead out from Lewis Oliva with two laps to go and nobody was able to come round him with his two British Cycling Academy team mates finishing in second and third.

1. Lewis Oliva
2. Kian Emadi
3. John Paul
4. Sebastian Dohrer
5. Max Niederlag
6. Philipp Thiele

The usual two hour break occurred after the keirin whilst the large madison was taking place followed by the entertainment for the evening on the main stage. After the re-start of racing was the Laola Sprint. This event is lead by Marcel Barth the six day pro who leads the riders in a follow my leader fashion and includes a Mexican wave, the race is 20 laps long and the first 10 laps are lead by Marcel, with 10 to go he swings off and the race for the win is on.

The British sprinters have got on really well with Marcel Barth whilst they have been here and he invited them and their German companions up on the track to join in. The lads all jumped at the chance and were in the line following the rest of the pros! Once the 10 laps were up the idea was for the sprinters to pull out of the line but before they knew it they were on the black line racing towards the finish with 8 eight laps to go. Iljo Keisse had to go the long way round the sprinters to put himself back in contention but they all managed to get to the finish and experience their first pro six day race.

After the fun and games of the race before they didn’t have time to stop before they had to get straight back up for the team sprint. After the injuries Philipp sustained during the night he withdrew from the final event so as with the previous night it was decided there would be two sprinters from each country plus two six day riders. Marcel Barth once again went in the man one position for the German team and Ralf Matzka went in man one position for GB after receiving instruction from John Paul. At the end of lap one it was neck and neck between the two six day riders, John Paul rode a good lap two and Kian Emadi finished off strongly to see GB win the team sprint for the second time this week.

Great Britain: 33.150
Germany: 33.418

The overall going into the final day is:

Sebastian Dohrer 59points
Kian Emadi 67points
Philipp Thiele 67points
John Paul 69 points
Max Niederlag 69 points
Lewis Oliva 71 points