Bremen Six - Day 2 - GB young guns race in Germany

Bremen Six - Day 2 - GB young guns race in Germany

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Bremen Six Day
Event: 12-17 January 2012
Location: Bremen, Germany
Report: Matt Winston

Day two of the iconic Bremen Six saw Sam Lowe and Jon Dibben in action in the UIV Under 23 cup, while GB sprinters Lewis Oliva, Kian Emadi and John Paul were back in action for day two of the sprint competition.

Above: Sprinter Lewis Oliva was joined by John Paul and Kian Emadi in the second day of sprint competition in Bremen.

The UIV under 23 cup began this evening with a Great Britain represented by Junior pairing Jon Dibben and Sam Lowe. The first stage was a 45 minute Madison with the final 30 laps to include sprints every 10 laps. The race started very fast with the Swiss team Stucki/Wust taking a lap in the first couple of minutes. The German team of Beyer/Pirius responded by also taking a lap, both teams took another two laps on the field whilst the Danish team Bigum/Helleskov Busk took a lap to put them into third place. Once the sprints started Dibben/Lowe managed to score in the first two sprints to pick up four points to see them finishing fourth after the first day.


1. Stucki/Wust 7points
2. Beyer/Pirius. 6points
3. Bigum/H busk @1 lap 10points
4. Dibben/Lowe. @3laps. 4 points

Great Britain's sprinters Kian Emadi, Lewis Oliva and John Paul were back in action on day two, with John Paul taking third in the final, while Kian Emadi narrowly won the 4-6th final from his teammate Lewis Oliva.


1. Philipp Thiele:- 9.120 - 65.79km/h
2. Sebastian Dohrer:- 9.251 - 64.86km/h
3. Max Niederlag:- 9.343 - 64.22km/h
4. John Paul:- 9.383 - 63.94km/h
5. Lewis Oliva:- 9.408 - 63.77km/h
6. Kian Emadi:- 9.424 - 63.66km/h

Lewis Oliva headed the charge in the keirin, winning a close-fought battle with German Sebastian Dohrer, with John Paul taking third. But the final victory of the evening went to Germany, who won the team sprint in a time of 32.697, with GB 2nd clocking 33.811 for three laps of the tight 166 metre Bremen track.

Overall sprint points after two days

1. Philipp Thiele 17 pts
2. Sebastian Dohrer 22 pts
3. Max Niederlag 23 pts
4. Lewis Oliva 25 pts
5. John Paul 26 pts
6. Kian Emadi 31 pts