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Heckington Show Grass Track

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Heckington Show Grass Track

25th July (thanks to Simon Cocker, Photos Alan East)

When Dave Kennedy took over the organisation of the long-running Grass Track racing at the Heckington show (near Sleaford Lincs) he wanted something new on the program and proposed an inter-club challenge between local Go-Ride clubs. Witham Wheelers (Grantham), Sleaford Wheelers and Spalding CC took up the challenge of finding six under 16 riders ready to race on the day.

The teams were a mix of existing club riders with several years experience participating in local talent team sessions to riders who had only started a couple of months ago in Go-Ride schemes at local schools on mountain bikes, with only one practice session on track bikes to get the hang of a fixed wheel.

The racing took part on the Saturday morning in the main arena scheduled around the start and finish of the 10 mile running race. The competition consisted of Pursuit, Team Sprint, Sprint and Scratch Races with each rider taking part in 3 events each spread over two different age groups and all finishers scoring points. This resulted in some well contested events throughout despite the wide range of abilities. In the end, Sleaford Whs were worthy winners having the strongest all-round team from Spalding CC  and the more  inexperienced Witham Whs. 3rd.

All agreed it had been a great experience to have the chance to race in front of a large crowd appreciative of their efforts and the chance to win a healthy prize for club funds, courtesy of sponsors HSBC. From this experience, Grass Track racing is definitely an underated way of introducing young riders to racing in a safe fun environment and we hope for at least a repeat event next year, with possible further local events being planned.

Thanks go to Elaina Kennedy for organizing the Track bikes and the racing programme on the day, and Club Go-Ride coaches Peter Pain, Adrian Hayler and Adam Ellis for putting the teams together. Further photos available at www.withamwheelers.co.uk

Start CDE 1 Lap sprint

Spalding Team Sprint

Witham Wheelers Team Sprint

Sleaford team Sprint

C/D/E Scratch Race

A/B Scratch Race


A/B boys 4 lap Pursuit
1. Alex Avery Spalding CC 9pts
2. George Thompson Sleaford CC 6pts
3. Peter Cocker Witham Wheelers 3 pts

Girls 1 lap sprint
1. Alice Hayler Sleaford Wheelers 9pts
2. Jennifer McAndrew Spalding CC 6pts
3. Grace Hayler Sleaford CCs 4pts
4. Eleanor Crawford Witham wheelers 2pts

C/D/E boys 1 lap Sprint
1. Matt Ellis Spalding CC 9pts
2. Carl Jennings witham Wheelers 7pts
3. Henry Thompson Sleaford CC 5pts
4. Jake Norton Spalding CC 3pts
5. Reece Egner witham Wheelers 1pt

A/B boys 2 lap sprint
1. Ben Wright Witham Wheelers 9pts
2. Ashley Money Witham Wheelers 7pts
3. Ben Addlesee Witham Wheelers 5pts
4. Harry Bellars Spalding CC 3pts
5. Sam Bentley Spalding CC 2pts
6. Jack King Sleaford CC 1pt

Team Sprint
1. Sleaford CC 1.47.67 18pts
2. Spalding CC 1.52.50 12pts
3. Witham Wheelers 1.57.80 6pts

C/D/E boys + girls 3 lap Scratch
1. Carl Jennings Witham Wheelers 9pts
2. Matt Ellis Spalding CC 8pts
3. Henry Thompson Sleaford Wheelers 7pts
4. Alice Hayler Sleaford CC 6pts
5. Jennifer McAndrew Spalding CC 5pts
6. Grace Hayler Sleaford CC 4pts
7. Jake Norton Spalding CC 3pts
8. Reece Egner Witham Wheelers 2pts
9. Eleanor Crawford Witham Wheelers 1pt

A/B boys 6 lap Scratch
1. Alex Avery 9pts
2. Peter Cocker 8pts
3. George Thompson Sleaford CC 7pts
4. Ben Wright Sleaford CC 6pts
5. Ashley Money Witham Wheelers 5pts
6. Harry Bellars Spalding CC 4pts
7. Jack King 3pts
8. Ben Addlesee 2pts
9. Sam Bentley 1pt

Final positions and medals
1. Sleaford CC 85pts Gold
2. Spalding CC 74pts Silver
3. Witham Wheelers 58pts Bronze