British Cycling publishes 2024 track cycling calendar

British Cycling publishes 2024 track cycling calendar

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British Cycling can today announce dates for the 2024 track cycling calendar, including the hard track and grass track series, and youth omnium dates.

National championships

The British National Track Championships will be returning to Manchester next month, with riders racing to win the coveted red, white and blue national champions’ jersey from Friday 23 - Sunday 25 February. Tickets are still available here, with only 200 tickets remaining on the Saturday afternoon session! 

On Saturday 29 June, the Open Derny Championships will take place at Herne Hill Velodrome in London, before the venue will also host the female event on Saturday 31 August.

The Youth and Junior National Track Championships will be held at Lee Valley Velodrome from 29 July-2 August, while the Masters National Track Championships will take place in Newport between 19-22 September.

The date and venue for the Madison National Championships and Omnium National Championships will be confirmed in due course.

The Masters National Track Championships will take place at Newport Velodrome

National Hard Track Series

The National Hard Track Series is split into an endurance league and sprinters league. The Glasgow Grand Prix will kick off the sprinters league with the first round taking place over the weekend of 20-21 January. The second round for the sprinters and opening round of the endurance league will see riders travel to the Portsmouth Easter Open Track race on Sunday 30 March.

A staple on the sprinters calendar, the Black Line Open will be hosted at Newport Velodrome on Sunday 25 May, before the Brixton Cycles Super Madison at Herne Hill will see both sprinters and endurance riders race on Sunday 9 June. 

The Yorkshire Sprint GP will mark the fifth round of the sprinters league on Monday 26 August, before both series end with the Newport Grand Prix on Sunday 16 November.

The Grass Track National Series will be made up of 10 rounds.

National Grass Track Series

The 2024 National Grass Track Series is made up of 10 rounds spanning the length of the country, starting with the Ashwell Spring Grass Track Meet on Sunday 12 May, and finishing on Saturday 7 September at Spalding Cycling Club’s event. 

The series includes races for endurance and sprint (‘short’) riders, with national championships incorporated throughout the calendar for 400m, 800m and 5km and 8km distances. You can find the full series dates below.

Youth Omnium Series

The Youth Omnium Series will see the best young riders in the country go head-to-head over four rounds, before the final at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester on Saturday 13 July, hosted by ESV Manchester. 

To allow youth riders from across the country to compete, each round includes events in two or three venues from a southern and northern location, with the inclusion of rounds in Scotland and Wales. 

The series kicks off on Sunday 10 March with Johnstone Jets hosting the opening rounding round in Glasgow, while LYTL will host at Lee Valley Velodrome in London.

The Youth Omnium Series will see the best young riders battle it out.

Full calendars:

National Hard Track Series

  • Round 1: Glasgow Grand Prix, Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome – 20-21 January (Sprint)
  • Round 2: Portsmouth Easter Open, Mountbatten Velodrome – Saturday 30 March (Sprint and Endurance)
  • Round 3: Black Line Open, Newport Velodrome – Saturday 25 May (Sprint)
  • Round 4: Brixton Cycles Super Madison, Herne Hill Velodrome – Sunday 9 June (Sprint and Endurance)
  • Round 5: Yorkshire Sprint GP, York Sport Velodrome – Monday 26 August (Sprint)
  • Round 6: Newport GP – Saturday 16 November (Sprint and Endurance)

National Grass Track Series 

  • Round 1: Ashwell Spring Grass Track Meeting – Sunday 12 May (Short and Endurance) 
  • Round 2: York Rally Grass Track – Saturday 22 June (Short and Endurance
  • Round 3: Colchester Rovers Grass Track (inc. open 400m national championships) – Sunday 30 June (Short and Endurance) 
  • Round 4: Plomesgate CC Grass Track (inc. female 800m national championships) – Sunday 7 July (Short and Endurance) 
  • Round 5: Ashwell Summer Grass Track Meeting – Saturday 13 July (Short and Endurance) 
  • Round 6: Heckington Show Grass Track – Saturday 27 July (Short and Endurance) 
  • Round 7: Green Arrow Grass Track (inc. open 8km national championships) – Sunday 4 August (Short and Endurance) 
  • Round 8: Norwich Grass Track (inc. open 800m national championships) – Sunday 11 August (Short and Endurance) 
  • Round 9: Ashwell End of Summer Track Meeting (inc. female 5km national championships)- Sunday 31 August (Endurance) 
  • Round 10: Spalding CC 2024 Grass Track (inc. female 400m national championships) – Saturday 7 September (Short and Endurance) 

Youth Omnium Series 

Round 1 

  • Johnstone Jets, Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome – Sunday 10 March 
  • LYTL, Lee Valley Velodrome – Sunday 10 March 

Round 2 

  • Maindy Flyers CC, Maindy Velodrome – Saturday 27 April 
  • VC Londres, Herne Hill Velodrome – Sunday 28 April
  • Discovery Junior CC, Caird Park – Sunday 28 April 

Round 3 

  • NTCA, Newcastle-under-Lyme – Saturday 18 May 
  • Velo Myrddin, Carmarthen – Sunday 19 May 
  • PPYCC, Preston Park – Sunday 19 May 

Round 4 

  • Wolverhampton Wheelers CC, Aldersley Leisure Village – Saturday 8 June
  • Clifton CC, York Velodrome – Sunday 9 June 
  • Welwyn Wheelers, Gosling Sports Park – Sunday 9 June 


  • ESV Manchester, National Cycling Centre – Saturday 13 July 

National Championships 

  • National Track Championships, National Cycling Centre – 23-25 February 
  • Masters National Track Championships, Newport Velodrome – 19-22 September
  • Youth and Junior National Track Championships, Lee Valley Velodrome – 29 July – 2 August
  • Open National Derny Championships, Herne Hill Velodrome – Saturday 29 June 
  • Women National Derny Championships, Herne Hill Velodrome – Saturday 31 August 
  • British Madison National Championships – TBC 
  • British Omnium National Championships - TBC