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Topics covered:

  1. How do I sign in to the website or buy membership?
  2. Choosing which content I see
  3. Access & browsers
  4. My account - making the site yours
  5. Need more help? contact us


Already a Member

I am already a member. How do I sign in?: If you had an account on the British Cycling website before June 17th, we have given you an account on the new site with the same username and password. If you have forgotten these details go to the recover forgotten login details section

I'm a member and want to set up a website account: If you are a member but do not have a website account, please register here

I'm a member and want to access my membership details: If you want to see your full membership details please log in here

Not Yet a Member

I am not a member. How do I sign in? If you would like to set up a free account, you will first need to register - please register here

I'd like to become a member: If you would like to purchase a great value British Cycling membership, please go to the membership section

Need assistance with registration or membership? Please email our team:


Customize Your View: The new site has been designed to allow users to customize content and layout the homepage to suit their personal needs. On entering the site default content is displayed. You can add more content to the homepage by clicking the ‘Add more content button’ below the header. A drop down box will appear allowing you to select the content of interest to you.

Repositioning modules: You can reposition modules on the homepage by clicking on the module header bar and holding the mouse down as you drag the module to the required position. Release the mouse button to place the module.

Resetting the page: You can reset to the page to its default settings simply by clicking on ‘Reset page’.

Finding content: If for some reason you cannot find content, perform a keyword search using the search box in the header, the site map, or the links on the footer at the bottom of the page.


Browser restrictions and settings: This website is not currently supported by IE6. If you are using IE6 you will not see the contents of the site. Please perform a free and safe upgrade using the link below. Depending on your connection speed it shouldn’t take more then 5 minutes to do this at the most.Download Internet Explorer 7

Why we don’t support IE6: IE6 was released in 2001 and was replaced in 2004 with IE7 – so it’s very old.  It has been listed by PC World as 8th place in the World’s Worst Technologies list due to its many security, accessibility and usability failings. Currently there are 146 security issues with 22 still not having patches. From 2010, Microsoft will cease supporting IE6 altogether. If you can upgrade, you should!


When logging in to you account, you’ll be presented with a ‘My Account’ column on the left of the page.

Account settings: Allows you to enter and edit key information about your account such as screen name, password, location and other key data.

Profile Settings: Create and edit your profile and set publishing / privacy settings.

Cannot see image upload button: You need to have Flash installed on your computer to use the image upload feature.

View Profile: This displays your profile page the way a visitor will see it. When you are logged in, it will display in edit mode allowing you to make changes. Within your profile section are the following pages:

My Homepage
This is a free form page that allows you to add and position your content in a way that suits you. Its like a montage page where you can display:

    • Text modules
    • Video modules
    • Gallery modules
    • Image modules

Follow the instruction on the page to add, remove and reposition content.

Page 2: Is another free form page

My Activities: Provides and activity log for all your cycling activities

My Bikes: Allows you to publish information and images of your bikes. You can add as many as you want.

My Articles: Is a listings page of all the articles you have published to the BC site.

Media Manager: This is where you upload images into your account to be used on your profile pages and in articles you publish.

Create a collection: All images are stored in collections (folders). You can create as many as you want and edit or remove them at any time. Collections are used by the Gallery modules in your profiles page. When you select a collection, all the images within a collection are rotated through the gallery.

Cannot see image upload button: You need to have Flash installed on your computer to use the image upload feature.

Articles: You can create, edit and remove articles using the Article features within your account dashboard. Follow the on-screen instructions.