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Sportive Training Plans: Beginner week 18 | Intermediate/Advanced week 13

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Published 30 January 2014

Week 18 of the British Cycling Sportive Training Plans for beginners and week 13 for intermediate and advanced riders start on Monday - download yours today.

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The eighteenth of 25 weeks of prescribed training sessions designed to get you to your first sportive in the best possible shape.

Hopefully last week’s hilly hell wasn’t too bad and you’ve laid a few demons to rest as you’re repeating the same ride at the end of this week. Think back over the ride and consider if there were any sections you could have ridden better. Maybe you need to ease off at the start of a certain climb or can afford to carry more speed on some descents.


Download Beginner Training Plans


If you’ve been following the Foundation Plan, congratulations on the fantastic fitness base you will have built. If you’re new to British Cycling Training Plans, welcome onboard and we can guarantee, if you stick to it, the following 12-weeks will take your cycling to the next level. Key to this week is the Threshold Test that you will conduct at regular intervals throughout the plan and is essential for setting accurate heart rate or power training zones and for monitoring progress.


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If you’re coming off Week 12 of the Foundation Plan, it’s been a big weekend, so the two days off scheduled for the start of this week should be welcome. It might seem odd if you’re new to the British Cycling Training Plans to begin with two rest days but, for accurate results, it’s essential that you’re 100% fresh for Wednesday’s Threshold Test. This test is a vital part of the plan and a quality workout in itself but, don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of hard work to look forward to over the following months.

Download Advanced Training Plans

By following the plans, British Cycling members will benefit from the same expert knowhow that has propelled Britain to the top of World cycling.

Developed by British Cycling’s expert coaches and using sessions ridden by the top riders; it’s a structured, scientific and proven route to cycling success which, together with advice from British Cycling’s Insight Zone, forms a powerful cycling knowledgebase.

British Cycling members can start following our training plans at any time – match the plans to the date of your event and your ability level and see your cycling improve.

If you’re new to cycling or it has been a while since you were last in the saddle, the British Cycling Sportive Training Plan for beginners is the ideal way for you to train for and complete up to a 60-mile sportive. Using heart rate to gauge intensity, you’ll always be training at the right level and ensuring you’re riding and recovering optimally to make maximum fitness gains.

If you’re an experienced sportive rider, looking to take your cycling to the next level and maybe start hitting some gold standards, the British Cycling Sportive intermediate and advanced training plans are for you. With a less prescriptive, user-driven four-week rolling structure, you get expert coaching and proven British Cycling training sessions, but it’s more flexible and easier to mould round your target events. Whether you train using heart rate or power, you can guarantee every pedal stroke will be propelling you effectively towards your cycling goals.

Whether you’re a sportive regular or aspiring to take part in your first ever event, British Cycling’s sportive tips and advice pages have all the information you’ll need.

If you're following the beginner plans, it's time to think back over rides and consider if there were any sections you could have ridden better. Maybe you need to ease off at the start of a certain climb or can afford to carry more speed on some descents.

Access training plans here.