Skyride London People - Part 2

Skyride London People - Part 2


Skyride London People - Part 2

One in 65,000 - the people who made our day at the Mayor of London's Skyride. Eddie Allen was behind the lens all day capturing the Skyride buzz.

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Happy families on the Mall

Love this pic - they're totally oblivious to what's going on all around them!!

Mum and daughter loving the day

Above and below: More cool cats on the Mall

A big thumbs up for Skyride from this lollipop eating girl

Skyride can bring on strange facial expressions

More family fun

How to look cool and wear a helmet

The bicycle is a vehicle for all sorts of messages

Oh the irony! Camera wars on Victoria Embankment

One very happy customer at St Pauls

Dog-tired on the Mall, and that's just the owner.

The Gorilla enclosure at London Zoo was a monkey light on Sunday...

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