Skyride London People

Skyride London People


Skyride London People - Part 1

One in 65,000 - the people who made our day at the Mayor of London's Skyride. Eddie Allen was behind the lens all day capturing the Skyride buzz.

An early contender for 'winningest smile'

Happy families in Blackfriars tunnel

Tunnel of love - this cool couple feel the Skyride love

More smiles in The City

A contender for the fashionista award, spotted in The City

Left - ello, ello, ello, what's all this then? Right: Top hat mate. No, seriously, top hat.

Flower power on the Mall

Bright and breezy on the Mall

Skyriders picnic in Green Park

The Skyride trike has been at every event - here it is on the Mall

Outright winner of Coolest Rider Award - no contest...

Outright winner of I Wish I'd Brought My Other Bike award

"I've got no pedals but it ain't gonna stop me"

Top contender for 'Alternative Means of Propulsion' category

Scratch that, I think we have a winner...

More images: Part 2

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