Gethin's Blog - Mission Accomplished

Gethin's Blog - Mission Accomplished


"A thousand K's, in 12 days!"

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?! Yes, its mission accomplished - over 650 miles and 50 odd hours in the saddle! Apart from the last 26 miles into Dumfries, and the killer headwind all the way from Penrith to Darlington - I've enjoyed every second.

Above: Gethin hard at work out on the lonely road...

Being on the bike has been fantastic. Its been a personal challenge, its escapism, its brilliant exercise, and for the last 2 days, its been quality time with my mates as the miles flew past!

I suppose I'm an example of what 'Skyride' is trying to achieve. Someone who's bike was spending more time in the shed, rather than on the road! Its changed now, I think about cycling as being the first option of travelling - whether its going from A to B, seeing a mate in town, or organising a ride when I get a bit of time.

... and working hard signing bibs at Skyride Glasgow

The Skyrides in Manchester, Glasgow and Leicester were a huge success. I have no doubt the event on Sunday will also be hugely popular with cyclists of all ages and abilities.

Not looking forward to taking on Chris Hoy in the Wattbike challenge again though!

Thanks for reading the blogs, and for all your comments, encouragement, weather reports and cup of tea offers!!

See you sunday... Must dash, cycling to town for a meeting!

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