Gethin's Blog - Leicester to London - Day 1

Gethin's Blog - Leicester to London - Day 1


"The Fantastic Four!"

Yep, I'm not on my own for the last leg from Leicester to London! A few of my mates had been reading my blogs on this website, and after a bit of banter, Alan, Steve and Mick decided that they would join me for the last 200 kilometres...

It didn't get off to the best start this morning though. The Sky Sports cameras were there to film our departure. Within 50 yards Steve had a puncture (10 minute delay whilst we changed the tyre - all on camera!). 2 miles later Mick fell of his bike at a set of traffic lights. It was the kind of fall where you just burst out laughing. And the giggling continued for a good 10 minutes - apart from Mick, who was slightly embarrassed. (He says its the first time, hmmm...). We didn't exactly look like Team GB at this point. All the gear, but no idea!

But we soon got into our stride. The "FF" were going great guns. Having company was just brilliant. Yeh we all took it in turns at the front, but just the psychological effect of knowing we're all feeling the same pain, going through the same thing, is a huge positive...

Alan announced to the team, in his broad Neath accent at the 75km mark, that his "legs are tin-ge-ling, and he wasn't loving the 'ills!!" We lost him up one of the 'ills. When he caught up he said his chain had come off. The jury is still out, a little break maybe?!! The only evidence he had was his oily hands!

99.1km we did today. Let's call it a hundred! Great route, great weather. The boys hadn't been that far on a bike for a while, a cracking effort, and I think its fair to say that they loved it.

I'm sure there'll be a few stiff bodies leaving Cambridge tomorrow, but this really is it, the last leg. We should arrive down Pall Mall at 2.30ish. I hope her majesty will have the kettle on!



3hrs 55

Calories 2856

Ascent 660m

Avg speed 26.2kmh

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