Gethin's Blog - 27th August 2009

Gethin's Blog - 27th August 2009


"What a difference a day makes"

"Gethin Jones, Gethin Jones, riding through the glen. Gethin Jones Gethin Jones with his merry men. He rides from the north.." Ok, I'll stop now, but I just can't get the Robin Hood theme tune out of my head!

Oh yes, today is what its all about. I could've been in a different country, let alone a different county - in comparison to yesterday.

I've got sun burn, what's going on! Hardly any climbing, a relatively flat road for most of the way and the most important part - not much wind. (Apart from what Matt was producing in the back of the safety car!).

An accident on the A64 to Nottingham meant a slight detour. Obviously hoping all parties involved are OK. But a detour of any kind is tough on the legs, but more so on the mind, as you know you have to ride back up the hills you've just enjoyed coming down!

Steve in the safety car was ready with plan b - map read like mad - and our schedule wasn't affected too much.

I've just had a 'tweet' from the 'National Space Centre' in Leicester offering to attach rocket launchers to my bike when I arrive tomorrow.

Its tempting, but where's the fun in that?!

A slightly shorter journey tomorrow, expecting to arrive into Leicester at 11am. Back in the ice bath tonight (I've talked about that a lot haven't I!), all part of the preparation for one last big effort...for now!

No men in tights to be seen today, just one man in lycra flying through the Sherwood Forrest like an arrow... Ok, maybe more like Friar Tuck!