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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have qualified as a Regional Commissaire but I’m moving to another part of the country do I need to redo my training?

No, once you have completed your training and been upgraded your regional qualification is valid in all British Cycling regions. You just need to get in touch with the Regional Events Officer in your new region to let them know you’re interested in getting involved.

I have seen people commissairing in British Cycling clothing, how can I get some?

Commissaire clothing is issued to all active Regional Commissaires soon after they have been upgraded. If you have not received clothing and are active in your region please contact your regional events officer.

I’m interested in getting involved in commissairing but don’t feel I have enough knowledge of how it all works, how can I get involved?

It’s probably a good idea to attend some events and observe the role of the commissaire to decide whether it’s something you would like to get involved in. Your regional events officers are there to help you, so get it touch and they can explain the best events for you to go to.

As a Regional Road Commissaire I feel confident in my role and want to try commissairing in another discipline. I used to race on the track, how can I get into Track Commissairing?

Lots of people commissaire in more than one discipline. To be able to do this you need to know the rules and regulations governing that discipline, so in your case it would be track. You will also need to attend the appropriate sections of the course which are administration, technical and competition (usually the afternoon session) of that disciplines commissaire course and attend the required events as an Assistant Commissaire.

I’m interested in taking part in more events, how can I?

Get in touch with your Regional Events Officer who will steer you in the right direction depending on your discipline.

I’ve worked on all the events I need to become a Regional Commissaire and filled in my logbook, what do I do now?

Send your logbook back to British Cycling Headquarters using the address in the front of your logbook.

I’ve had a look at the course timetable but there aren’t any courses organised in my discipline, what do I do?

Contact your Regional Events Officer (REO); they are the ones that organise the courses so they will be able to tell you when the next one is going to be. They can also advise you on events in your region you will be able to get involved with after your training.

I’m an organiser and I want to explore the possibility of using the British Cycling online entry system, who can advise me?

The first points of contact are the REO’s who have all been trained in the system and are able to answer your questions and run through the system. Some regions have been putting on special organisers meetings to run through the process with event organisers, to find out if one is happening near you, contact your REO.


Where can I go to get additional information on rules?

You can get additional information here.