Friday Night: Pro Sprint Eliminator

Friday Night: Pro Sprint Eliminator


Friday Night: Welcome to the Pro Sprint Eliminator!

Racing on the World Cup weekend gets underway just outside the forest on Friday night with a new event, the Pro Sprint Eliminator. This event will see some of the top World Cup riders fighting for a big cash prize on slightly unfamiliar territory, the streets of Pickering town centre near the Dalby Forest.

The evening will get underway with a time trial round to seed the competitors for when the real action begins. Then, over the course of 4 rounds, the competitors race head to head with only 2 riders going through from each 4-rider race to qualify for the next leg of the journey to the grand final.

The course for the Pro Sprint Eliminator is guaranteed to steal the show, devised by the organisers, British Cycling, it will be likely to blow the competitors minds as burst a lung, the tight and technical course passes through the back streets of Pickering, including a graveyard and a back garden!!

Friday night in Pickering is all about fun and as such when the professionals are taking a well earned break from the racing, we'll have a celebrity round in the Pro Sprint Eliminator, expect to see bike carried over some of the obstacles in this edition, and as a few well known faces show you just how good the pro's are and what good sports they are for your entertainment!

A short presentation will take place after the Pro Sprint Eliminator before the organisers, British Cycling, hand over to the town of Pickering who will entertain spectators for the rest of the evening.