Trials Report: UCI Mountain Bike World Championships


Oakley Crowned World Champion In Canberra

British Junior trials rider Joe Oakley has won the Junior World Trials Championships in Australia, Canberra. Finishing ahead of the two Spanish riders Abel Garcia Mustieles and Rafael Roura Tibal, Oakley's overall score of 33 with one penalty was enough to clinch the title by two points.

The key to Joe's win was in the second round, where he scored just 12 points, undercutting round one by eight points. While the Spanish riders were more consistent in their rounds - with Mustieles even finishing with no penalties - their overall scores were simply too high, handing Oakley, the second year Junior, the title.

In the Senior men's 26" event, Ben Slinger recorded Britain's highest placing finishing fifth, 29 points adrift of French winner Giles Coustellier.