British Champs weather updates


Following a wet night, the morning was mainly a dry scene, albeit with some very heavy showers. As of 11am though there was little rain and this dried both courses. In the woods this had little effect (most of the downhill course) but out in the open where the XC course passed this drying effect and the first few hundred wheels turned certain sections sticky. This was less of an issue on tyre choice, more of one when it came to keeping bikes clean and under thirty pounds. Tomorrow the forecast is more of the same - the best conditions possible would be more rain to clean the track.

Friday Night:
More showers have passed through, but for now we're looking at a drying scene. More in the morning as the sun comes up.

The overnight rain has left both courses wet, but with no riders on the track both downhill and cross country loops are holding up well and won't take much to dry. Unfortunately neither are going to be given that chance because there are constant showers, some heavy. Toward the top of the downhill there is a thin mist, while to make it up the cross country climb you're now needing an intermediate tyre, such as a Specialized Sauserwind or Schwable Nobby Nic. If the climbs get cut up tomorrow during practice it could be time for a soft compound mudder on the rear (such as a Bontrager Mud X) and an intermediate on the front. You won't want to have a mud tyre at both ends, because there are several sections with shiny rocks and roots just begging to throw you off course.

Thursday Night:
The promised rain has arrived! Thunder storms swept across the north eastern corner through the early evening and much of the night.

Today was mainly dry with only a few isolated showers. Both courses were dry with only isolated muddy patches. Right now tyre choices are easy - for the XC it's a Racing Ralph and High Rollers for the DH. Tonights forcast looks bad though....