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Cycle Speedway - Officials' & Event Documents

Below is a range of Cycle Speedway Officials' documents to download. 

British Cycling's Regional Event Officer Network

British Cycling's Regional Event Officers are focused on increasing the quality and quantity of participation opportunities in Road, Track, Cyclo Cross, Mountain Biking BMX and Cycle Speedway. Please feel free to contact the Events Officer in your Region if you are an event organiser, official, volunteer or club and you need help in the following areas:

  • Event Organisers: Setting up a new event or series; Registration and calendar fixing of events; Event equipment; Event promotion; Volunteers and Officials for your event; Getting access to existing or new facilities; Working out levy payments.
  • Quick Guides

2014 Rules up dates click here
















  • Go-Ride Racing: Clubs delivering entry level races for new youth riders can take advantage of resources and prizes through the Go-Ride if the races are registered with the Go-Ride Team. Event registration form is available here.

For more information about Go-Ride Racing please visit

  • Referee Documents

New Referee Application Form - New_Referee_Application_Form.pdfoad

Referee Assessment Form - Referee_Assessment_Form.pdf

Referee Report Form - Referee_Report_Form_-_Individual_Matches_1.pdf

Referee Report Form - Inter Club - Referee_Report_Form_-_Team_Matches_1.pdf

Tips for managing conflict - Download

  • Elite League Documents

2014 Regulations - EL5supplementary_regulations_2014.doc

Formulae- Formulas_-_2014_Elite_League.doc

Non Elite League Club Elite League Licence Form Elite_league_licence_for_Non_EL_Rider_2015_R_2.pdf

       Elite League Licence Rider Registration List Elite_League_Licence_Rider_Registration_2015.pdf

  • Rider Movement  Documents

Rider Loan Scheme Form Rider_Loan_Scheme_1.pdf

Transfer Form Rider_Transfer_Form_2015.pdf

  • Other Documents

2013 Cycle Speedway Development Conference Notes: CS_Dev_Conference_2013_Notes.doc

2013 Cycle Speedway Referees Conference Notes:   CS_Referees_Conference_2013_Notes.doc

2012 Cycle Speedway Development Conference Notes: Download

2012 Cycle Speedway Referees Conference Notes: Download

Facility Grading Formulae Download

       Facility Risk Assessment - Risk_Assessment_Document_1.doc

       Facility Assessment Form - Cycle_Speedway_Facility_Assessment_Form_3102014.doc

       2014 Rider Levy Form - 2014_Cycle_Speedway_event_levy_form.pdf

       Jan - May Club Levy Return - Levy_Return_Forms_for_Clubs_-_Jan_-_May_1.pdf

       June - August Club Levy Return - Levy_Return_Forms_for_Clubs_-_June-August_1.pdf

       September - December Club Levy Form -  Levy_Return_Forms_for_Clubs_-_Sept_-_Dec_1.pdf

       Parent/Guardian Declaration Form - Download            

  • Match Formulae


Pairs 5 Team 10 Heat 5_Pairs_10_Heat.xls

Pairs 5 Team 20 Heat 5_pairs_20_Heat.xls

Pairs 6 Team 15 Heat 6_Pairs_15_Heat.xls

Pairs 7 Team 21 Heat 7_Pairs_21_Heats.xls

Fours - 4 Team 20 Heat 4_Team_20_Heat.xls

Fours - 5 Team 20 Heat 5_Team_20_Heats.xls

Fours - 6 Team 24 Heat 6_Team_24_Heat.XLS

Fours - 6 Team 30 Heat 6_Team_30_Heat.xls

Fours - 7 Team 28 Heat 7_team_28_heats.xls

Fours - 7 Team 35 Heat 7_Team_35_Heat.xls

Eights - 2 Team 18 Heat 2_Team_8_Rider_18_Heat_R.xls


9 Rider 9_Rider.xls

12 Rider 12-rider.xls

16 Rider 16_rider.xls

20 Rider 20_rider.xls

28 Rider 28_rider.xls

BY&JL - Grand Prix Finals Download

Qualifying Formulae - Prequalifying rounds to reduce 17 to 28 riders to 16 finalists Download

       Run Off Rules - Run-Offs_1.doc