Supporting the sport

Supporting the sport

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Britain has long heritage of cycle racing and an extremely bright future – we are working to ensure that racing stays on our roads and that non-competitive sportives can flourish.

Securing the future of British road racing

We're working hard to secure the future of road racing, tackling the key issues of outdated legislation, empowering marshals, off-road racing and police charging. Addressing these critical issues will help create an environment in which grass roots cycle racing can flourish and give all new members an opportunity to take part in local events.

Non-competitive ‘sportive’ events

With more people cycling there has been a rapid growth in non-competitive ‘sportive’ events also known as sportives. There has been a 200% increase in the number of events registered some attracting several thousand people. Currently there is no requirement for the organiser to notify any authority about the event. In our view, regulation is required to ensure that sportives meet minimum safety standards, to reduce the risk of incidents, to grow the sport and to avoid calendar clashes.