Club Development Framework - People




  • Club Committee has certified Equality and Diversity trained members: Online training courses are delivered in this area. Scottish Cycling can help signpost.
  • Clubs has youth representation on management committee: This will help ensure that all members of the club are represented.
    Dependent club size, set up a youth panel that feeds into overall club committee.
  • The club has a registered welfare representative on their committee: A welfare representative doesn’t only apply to u 18’s
  • Registered welfare committee member attends CPD session: It is important to strike the correct balance of keeping up to date and making sure the training doesn’t become so time consuming that it is off putting

Coach/Volunteer/Official Development


  • Club has annual plan for volunteer CPD: This will allow them to enhance their own skillset
  • Focus on upskilling youth members of your club: Youth are the future of clubs. Think about how you promote these opportunities depending on the target audience.
  • Creation of club mentoring programme: Create a mentor programme between experienced coaches and new/younger coaches. This helps build confidence and ability
  • Adopted and implemented a volunteering policy which includes how the club recruit, support, train and recognise volunteers: This could either be regularly nominating volunteers for local/national awards or running a club volunteer of the month recognition scheme
  • Organisation of Parent and child sessions: Can help engage parents with the hope of them becoming a volunteer/coach in the future.

Volunteer Rewards


  • Membership discounts for volunteer/coaches/children of parent volunteers: Where possible try make the cost of participation as small as possible and remove as many barriers to taking part as possible.
  • Club has reward and recognition programme for members who volunteer: This could be regularly nominating them for local/regional/national awards or hosting a club volunteer of the month programme.
  • Free club kit for volunteers: Try to source local sponsors would may wish to financially support to offset costs
  • Subsidise Course costs for volunteers/give priority access: Scottish Cycling can help share/source funding grant information