Shriever and Isidore fire to British titles in Bournemouth

Shriever and Isidore fire to British titles in Bournemouth


Beth Shriever and Quillan Isidore were crowned British BMX Champions this weekend after some powerful racing in Bournemouth, who hosted the event for the first time.

Olympic champion Shriever claimed the Championship Women’s win with ease, winning all of her motos by over one second on each occasion. Second place went to Peckham’s Shani Harris-Sherwood, while Bath rider Betsy Bax took the bronze.

Shriever’s fellow Great Britain rider Isidore also showed his dominance in the Superclass Men’s category despite some tough competition. The Peckham rider was challenged by Birmingham’s Chad Hartwell, but Isidore proved too strong as Hartwell settled for silver on the day. Eddie Moore of Decoy BMX Club secured the bronze.

bmx british champs

It was a Birmingham 1-2 in the junior men’s category as Alexander Talbott proved fastest on the day, closely followed by his teammate George Hunt. Charlie Roy from Hayes Hawks BMX Club just pinched the bronze after being challenged consistently by Adam Gilbert.

Among the winners on Saturday was Male 10 rider Freddie Parkinson, who managed to sneak up the inside of Joshua Sylvester in the last berm to grab a thrilling win. In one of the most competitive categories, it was Harry Donald that took another British title in the Male 11 category after a very close finish on the line with Coby Wrayford. Heath Thomas made a great pass on Ben Larkins in the last berm to take the title in Male 12 with the fastest lap of the day.

bmx british champs

James Clitheroe set up a brave pass on Jeremy Lin in the last berm to take the Male 13 win, while Ben Cornish and Harry Tanner were bar to bar down the last straight in the Male 15 final, with Cornish taking the win.

In the girls’ categories, Katie Millar was dominant all day as she took the Female 11 title, and in Female 12, it was the newly crowned world number four Jessica Marriott that took the win ahead of Ruby Moores in second, with Amelia Everly rounding of the podium in third. Female 13 National Champion rider Lotte Etmane took the title to make it a double, as well as Lucy Simpson in Female 14. Sienna Harvey and Jaya Jack-Bradshaw produced one of the tightest finishes of the day with Harvey narrowly crossing the line first.

Alan Hill took yet another British title in the 50+ Cruisers after producing a faultless performance, and followed it up on the Sunday with a victory in the Veteran 40+ category.

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1st Quillan Isidore

2nd Chad Hartwell

3rd Eddie Moore

Championship Women (17+)

1st Bethany Shriever

2nd Shani Harris-Sherwood

3rd Betsy Bax

Junior Men

1st Alexander Talbott

2nd George Hunt

3rd Charlie Roy

Male 13

1st James Clitheroe

2nd Finley Hough

3rd Jeremy Lin

Male 14

1st Jimmy Criddle

2nd Jared Hill

3rd Max Clare

Male 15

1st Ben Cornish

2nd Harry Tanner

3rd Oliver Kendall

Male 16

1st Taylor Hunt

2nd Ned Penny

3rd Jake Adcock

Masters 30+

1st John Lillingstone

2nd Thomas Palmer

3rd Benjamin Martinez

Veteran 40+

1st Alan Hill

2nd Zoltan Buday

3rd Matt Barnard

Grand Veteran Men 50+

1st Jason Lewis

2nd Ian Archibald

3rd John Bentley

Female 13

1st Lotte Etmane

2nd Annalise Cadman Carpenter

3rd Laurie Anne Carruthers

Female 14

1st Lucy Simpson

2nd Akira Cooke

3rd Abigail Nequest

Female 15

1st Lucy Hutt

2nd Elizabeth Bown

3rd Elin Parr

Female 16

1st Sienna Harvey

2nd Jaya Jack-Bradshaw

3rd Evie Webster

Male 17-18

1st Alfie Bax

2nd Joshua Izzard

3rd Kolby Ellis

Male 19-29

1st Joshua Wallis

2nd Theo Pope

3rd Josh Moore

Female 17-29 Challenge

1st Elle Junker

2nd Caitlin Ellis

3rd Imogen Gibson

Female 30+ Challenge

1st Rebecca Gohl

2nd Michelle Stupple

3rd Kim Batsford

Male 6 & Under

1st Antoni Porebny

2nd Oscar Marko

3rd Reuben-Saul Wujkiw Gordon

Male 7

1st Ethan Shore

2nd Charlie Dowsing

3rd Tobias Groves

Male 8

1st Benny Jackson

2nd Jacob Anderson

3rd Hugo Deighton

Male 9

1st Layton Harding

2nd James Bibby

3rd Adrian Gailtis

Male 10

1st Freddie Parkinson

2nd Joshua Sylvester

3rd Zane Williams

Male 11

1st Harry Donald

2nd Coby Wrayford

3rd Ti D-S

Male 12

1st Heath Thomas

2nd Ben Larkins

3rd Luke Wilcocks

Female 6 & Under

1st Phoebe Millar

2nd Lauren Snell

3rd Megan Keller

Female 7

1st Holly Bishop

2nd Betty Wills

3rd Hollie Webb

Female 8

1st Ella Lamb

2nd Sophie Bailey

3rd Lexi Davies

Female 9

1st Poppy Bishop

2nd Iris Hajda

3rd Seren Pritchard

Female 10

1st Amelie Eaton

2nd Esme Ward

3rd Dakota Tucker

Female 11

1st Katie Millar

2nd Isabella Rowe

3rd Sidonie Cleave

Female 12

1st Jessica Marriott

2nd Ruby Moores

3rd Amelia Everly

9-12 Cruiser

1st Theo Locke

2nd Elisha Jamera

3rd Eric McSwity

13-14 Cruiser

1st Jared Hill

2nd Gabe Simpson

3rd Elliot Brooke

15-16 Cruiser

1st Charlie Roy

2nd Arne Esslemont

3rd Lewis Fletcher

17-29 Cruiser

1st Alex Brookes

2nd Connor Hedges

3rd Tom Whittaker

30-39 Cruiser

1st Martin Brown

2nd Agris Aleidzans

3rd Shane Reid

40-44 Cruiser

1st Benjamin Martinez

2nd Fraser Watson

3rd Adam Buday

45-49 Cruiser

1st Zoltan Buday

2nd Glyn Cartwright

3rd Ricardo Santos

50+ Cruiser

1st Alan Hill

2nd Ian Archibald

3rd Jason Lewis

13-16 Female Cruiser

1st Elsa Rendall-Todd

2nd Skye Mavolwane Wright

3rd Annalise Cadman Carpenter

17-29 Female Cruiser

1st Lily Chiziwa

2nd Taylor-Lei Mohan

3rd Bethy Lawrence

30+ Female Cruiser

1st Rebecca Gohl

2nd Michelle Stupple

3rd Christina Walding