Club Coaching Course Requirements in the South region

Club Coaching Course Requirements in the South region


The last 18 months have presented several challenges for clubs and coaches in the region, but it has been incredible to see how your commitment to your riders have enabled you to overcome some of these challenges. One of the biggest issues we have faced is having availability of coaching courses and following some conversations with clubs and coaches, we would like to address some of these issues.

While we are starting to plan the course requirements for 2022 in the South region, we are asking clubs to complete the form below whenever you identify a need for more coaches within your club. This will allow us to be more aware of your needs and work with you to find volunteers and coaching courses at the earliest possible opportunity.

Whenever you identify a need for more coaches within your club/ facility, could you please complete this short form.


You are a club that runs two groups on a Saturday morning. You currently have one  Level 2 coach and two  Level 1 coaches. You have noticed the session numbers are increasing and you’ll soon be at capacity. You think there might be need for an additional session and you have identified two helpful volunteers that would like to get involved to support the delivery. They would be suitable for a Level 1 qualification, but you can’t see any suitable courses. Please make sure you let us know so we can avoid if possible being short on coaches.

How will this help?

  • Course requirements can be identified at the earliest opportunity.
  • You can be kept up to date on coaching courses when they come available.
  • Support can be provided as required to sustain and develop your club activity.

This will create an open line of communication between the South Region Clubs & Coaching Officer and your club regarding coaches so that we can support you more readily in accessing coaching courses to support your delivery.

For further information and the support availiable please contact madeline verdegaal