The Online Route Planning Award aims to give contemporary knowledge, skills, and advice on planning cycle routes. The award is available to qualified Ride Leaders and Mountain Bike Leaders, so you become experts in planning great routes.

Here’s why we’ve created the online Route Planning Award;

  • To develop your knowledge and build your confidence in route planning.
  • To provide insight, resources, and a way of working for all leaders.

In addition to this, we hope to launch an exciting pilot project in a specified location that will allow us to;

  • Grow our network of British Cycling accredited routes and become the trusted place to find digital (online) routes.
  • Become the market leader in providing great routes for the public to ride; whether that route is part of a led ride programme or that route is available to download.

Our 'routes' vision is to be the trusted provider of knowing where to ride your bike, for all motivations and abilities.

British Cycling want to invest our time and knowledge in you as leaders, so you are confident, competent and great route planners. By providing online route planning education, online resources and support we aim to increase the quality of the experience riders have whilst on a led ride. So, we’ve created an online Route Planning Award.

Online Route Planning Award

The online route planning award aims to increase the confidence of those planning routes within their leadership qualifications by providing extensive route planning knowledge and methodology. You will understand the best approach to planning a route, with practical advice and information, as well as building the necessary skills to produce a great route.

The award on average takes 3hrs to complete. This is a formal British Cycling qualification and you will need to pass the assessment module at the end of the course to qualify.

The award covers the following topics;

  • Understanding your audience; barriers and motivations to riding.
  • Planning a route and rights of way.
  • Route design.
  • Applied risk management.
  • Recording your route and route details.

Become a Route Planner

British Cycling are looking to develop further opportunities for volunteers to use their qualification, helping to grow the network of British Cycling accredited routes through an exciting pilot project, in a specified location. Please look out for further information in the near future.

There is a huge demand from the public for digital cycle routes. So, imagine if all the routes you plan were British Cycling officially branded, but available on industry leading websites and apps, and promoted through our partners. How many more people could your hard work and efforts reach, and how many more people would then enjoy your designed routes?

We do not want to ask more of you, but instead work smarter in making available your routes (should you wish) on our affiliated partners software. Those routes will be branded under British Cycling approved routes and promoted through national and local marketing campaigns. By working together, under the British Cycling umbrella, we can get more people aware of local routes and riding their bikes on them.

Click here for more information on Route Planner role

OR watch our 45 minute webinar: Explained - British Cycling's Route Planning Award and NEW Route Planning Role

How to register

Please use the link below to enrol. Please read the following information before enrolling.

Once enrolled will contact you with the course access link, so please save their e-mail address in your contacts so you don't miss it. We will send a reminder e-mail two weeks before every course start date from

Once you are enrolled onto the course you will have 30 days access, from the course start date, to complete the course. If, for any reason, you aren't able to complete the course in 30 days then you will be given further opportunity to complete the course in Jan 2022.

Please read our frequently asked questions for more information about the online route planning award, old route planning award and route planner role.

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