Volunteer Week 2021: Club Volunteers


At Scottish Cycling, we know that volunteers are the lifeblood of our network of clubs. The work they put in ensures that our members enjoy engaging experiences across club sessions and events, and without our core community of volunteers, the diverse range of opportunities provided to club members in Scotland would not exist. This year during Volunteer Week, we wanted to highlight the importance of volunteers in our club environments and to demonstrate the various responsibilities and duties that holding each position entails.

Volunteering in a club environment is an incredibly rewarding experience, so if you would like to volunteer at your club, get in touch with your club officials for more details. In the meantime, read on to find out more about the various volunteer roles and responsibilities in our club landscape!

This role is located on the handlebars of our bike, as the chair/president position involves steering the club in the direction of success and sustainability. This volunteer is the figurehead of the club, and directs all club affairs. The Chairperson/President chairs all meetings, including the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and represents the club in external affairs.

The secretary position is imagined as the frame of our bike, due to the vital role that the secretary plays in tying all club affairs together. The secretary deals with all matters of club organisation, including but not limited to: membership, administration, arranging meetings, minute taking at meetings, and correspondence.

In our bike, the treasurer role is positioned as the chain mechanism. Without the work of the treasurer to ensure a sustainable flow of income and expenditure, the club would be unable to grow and develop. Responsibilities of the treasurer include matters such as budget monitoring, partnership building, sponsorship, funding, and all other financially-related matters.

Wellbeing and Protection Officer (WPO)
For our clubs with junior members, the WPO provides the role of a comforting confidant, offering advice and security to members for all matters related to wellbeing and protection. This role is therefore positioned as the saddle on our bike. The WPO’s responsibilities involve ensuring the safeguarding and protection of all children and young people in club environments.

Coaches are vital cogs in the club landscape of cycling in Scotland, and are imagined as the pedals of our bike, helping club members to progress in their cycling education and development. Ride Leaders ensure that members are guided safely on rides, and coaches help to develop training programmes and teach skills in club sessions.

Covid-19 Coordinator
This recently-developed role has come to the forefront of club security over the past year, as we have all faced the challenges dealt by the Covid-19 pandemic. Ensuring the safety of club members during sessions is paramount to a club’s ability to function effectively, and the Covid-19 Coordinator is therefore positioned as the brake mechanism on our bike. This volunteer role involves taking on responsibilities such as communicating up-to-date procedures regarding Covid-19 protocols and restrictions, and remaining abreast of all developments that relate to compliance to Covid-19 guidance.

Event Volunteers
For the majority of our clubs, events are an important way to test our skills, meet new people, and enjoy the thrill of organisation competition. As the wheels on our bike, the various volunteers ensure the smooth running of events and an enjoyable experience for all participants. There are many event volunteer roles – too many, in fact, to fit onto our bike – but some of these roles include event organisers, marshals, referees, commissaires, officials, timekeepers, judges, refreshment providers, results volunteers, first aid, event registration and broom wagon drivers.