#SCTalks: Mental Health Awareness

#SCTalks: Mental Health Awareness


We invite you to join us for #SCTalks: A discussion around mental health awareness in cycling.

Wednesday 3 February 2020, 7.30pm - 8.30pm

#SCTalks is now sold out. You will be able to view the conversation on Youtube.

This months online panel discussion will focus on the role of physical activity on mental wellbeing. Evidence shows that participation in sport can increase self-esteem and reduce anxiety. Our panel members discuss how exercise can support mental health during stressful times as well as the impact of high performance sport on wellbeing.

Some of the questions the panel will consider are:

-          How has the Coronavirus pandemic had an impact on the mental wellbeing of cyclists?

-          How is stigma around mental health perpetuated and what can we do to help this?

-          What have the panel done to improve their mental wellbeing during difficult times?

The discussion will be hosted by Scottish Cycling Chair Martin Cooke, and the panel is comprised of:

-          Callum Skinner, Scottish Commonwealth Games and Olympic medallist

-          Chris Volley, Performance Lifestyle Adviser at sportscotland Institute of Sport

-          Isobel, Scottish Cycling Young People’s Panel

-          Claire Martin, Breeze Champion & Breeze Area Coordinator, Occupational Therapist for NHS

Everyone with an interest in looking after their mental wellbeing during this challenging time is encouraged to attend.

The panel discussion will be held on Zoom which will allow members of the Scottish Cycling community to tune in and submit questions to the panel members as the discussion unfolds.

We will record the session, so if you cannot make it, you will be able to watch it later.


Please note, Scottish Cycling are unable to offer direct mental health advice. If you are struggling, please seek help from NHS24, SAMH and The Samaritans.